Remember When Lefties Used To Have “Question Authority” Bumper Stickers On Their Cars?

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority

– Ben Franklin

The current mantra from the left is “never, ever, ever ask a hard question of Obama.”

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8 Responses to Remember When Lefties Used To Have “Question Authority” Bumper Stickers On Their Cars?

  1. gator69 says:

    “Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because, if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    Words by which I live.

  2. Raindog says:

    The interesting thing to me about this post is that 5 years ago, the righties had the same mantra for Bush.

    • The interesting thing for me is that some idiot always comes along and attempts to deflect Obama’s actions by blaming them on Bush.

      • Raindog says:

        Not blaming blaming Obama’s actions on Bush, merely point out that the lefties said the exact same thing about the righties 5 years ago. Everything that’s been said about Obama by the right (besides the muslim/non citizen issue) was said about Bush by the left. My point is not that Obama is good and Bush is bad, it’s that they are both bad and they both did the same things to our freedom and liberties (Bush afterall said he would have signed the assault weapons ban if it had made it through congress) and every time the opposing political party will cry out how shameful the actions of that president are, until their parties president is in office, then they become quiet.

        Notice how the lefties are suddenly in support of Obama’s wars but were in total opposition to Bush’s and how the opposite was true 5 years ago? Notice how the right was in support of Bush’s bailout of AIG and the left was against it and now the opposite is true? Notice how when weapons in New Orleans were confiscated, the right was pretty quiet, but when the same thing is proposed by the left, the right freaks out? Why is it that Obama’s first year then record breaking 900 billion dollar budget shortage is blamed on Obama, yet Bush is able to take full credit for his record budget surplus his first year in office? Right now if you ask a lefty why Obama’s budget is so bad, they will tell you it was Bush’s fault and that it takes several years for a presidents budget policies to kick in and they will tell you that Bush’s budget surpluses were all Clinton’s work. If you asked a Righty, they will tell you the exact opposite right now – Bush’s surpluses were Bush’s work and Obama’s deficits are Obama’s.

        When will people wake up and notice that both the left and the right are pushing America to a new form of government control called communism. The right pushes for more rights to big business (ever asked yourself why a corporation can own full auto weapons, rocket launchers, etc?) and a larger armed force while the left pushes for social welfare services. We will one day wake up to a communist country where corporations decide what is and is not good for us.

      • Me says:

        Then you are a MORON and the best thing for you is you don’t know it.

      • Romney wouldn’t be sending storm troopers into cities, and trying to confiscate guns. There is no comparison between the two.

    • Me says:

      Only the liberal ones.

  3. (applicable to Al Gore or any pusher of AGW): ” Question Authority** ”

    ” **except my own “

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