The US Has Almost No Influence On CO2 Levels

Obama thinks he controls the planet, but decisions made in the US have essentially no impact on global CO2 levels. This should be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a turnip.

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Global map of planned coal fired capacity tells a story « Tallbloke’s Talkshop


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14 Responses to The US Has Almost No Influence On CO2 Levels

  1. Glacierman says:

    That’s a tough one cause most leftists don’t rise to brussel sprout level.

  2. pjie2 says:

    Um, why are you linking to a map of proposed new coal fired power stations? That tells you nothing about current emission levels. All it tells you is how much of a contribution coal-fired power will make to future increases in emissions. Given that the US is focusing on gas from fracking, it’s not surprising that there’s a comparatively small planned increase in coal-based emissions.

    The map of actual current CO2 emissions from all sources looks like this. The US is the second largest emitter (and is by far the largest if you take into account historical emissions.

    • I didn’t realize that Obama controlled historical emissions, but it is possible since NOAA and NASA now control historical temperatures.

      • pjie2 says:

        Nobody controls historical omissions, of course. However, it can be argued (although not by me) that the countries that have historically emitted more CO2 should take the lead on decarbonising their economies, while historically low emitters should be given more leeway as they develop their own economies. Personally I don’t think that’s a helpful approach.

        The point about historical emissions is, however, irrelevant to the main point, which is that the graphic you linked to isn’t about emissions AT ALL, it’s about megawattage of planned future coal-fired power plants.

        If you want to make the argument that the US has no impact on global CO2 levels, you need to show their actual, current CO2 emissions. Total emissions would be simplest: although emissions per capita is arguably a better reflection of the impact US citizens/businesses could have if they chose less polluting power sources.

        Why don’t you ever show those figures?

      • I’ve showed them several times, thanks. Why don’t you reduce the hyperbole?

      • mkelly says:

        So do Chinese coal plants put out CO2 or not? If they do then half a million of them will put more CO2 in the air than 20 thousand American ones. Yes No?

      • Me says:

        Sounds more like some guilt trip snake oil BS thar pjie2.

  3. Owen says:

    Decarbonize an economy ? That’s insane. Without proper energy sources such as coal, the economy would collapse, poverty would be rampant, life expectancy would plummet, millions would needlessly die. Brainless leftists don’t care, afterall they are anti-human monsters, but I do. So, good for China and everyone else building coal fired electrical plants. Spewing harmless C02 into the air while providing heat, air conditioning and lighting is a win- win scenario. The people win and the world’s vegetation win – it loves carbon dioxide !

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    As Tom Nelson puts it: This Map tells us pretty clearly where economies are going to be expanding.

  5. Sundance says:

    This is a little misleading because the USA is REPLACING several old plants newer higher efficiency plants which will have a net REDUCTION of US CO2, whereas Germany is replacing nuclear with coal and China + India are installing all new coal capacity which will increase CO2. Here is the latest USA coal emissions through October 2012 and one can see that the US emissions from coal continue to drop and WILL CONTINUE to drop as 160 old plants are to be closed by 2017.

    Shifting to natural gas has already lowered USA CO2 by 14% from 2006 and the USA is only 3% away from the 2020 reduction target that was established in the Waxman Markey cap and trade bill. Imagine that! We will meet 17% reduction before 2020 without any cap and trade. Last year only Germany and the USA saw a net drop in CO2 which means all the Kyoto participants struggled even with weaker economies.

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