Chu Announces That Climate Change Is Caused By Climate Change

“The overwhelming scientific consensus is that human activity has had a significant and likely dominant role in climate change,” Chu warned in his letter. “There is also increasingly compelling evidence that the weather changes we have witnessed during this thirty year time period are due to climate change.”

Energy Secretary Chu steps down, blasts climate-change skeptics | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

In other news, volatility in the stock market has been blamed on volatility in the stock market.

h/t to Tom Nelson

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8 Responses to Chu Announces That Climate Change Is Caused By Climate Change

  1. philjourdan says:

    At least he is going. But his replacement will probably be worse.

  2. Latitude says:

    they all said that before the revolution…..

  3. Brian G Valentine says:

    I regret I never had the opportunity to discuss AGW with him. I would have liked to.

    If he was not willing to debate this junk “science,” I would have like to explain my thoughts on how his advocacy of AGW “response” did not really benefit anybody.

    He’s a big enough man to put up with some dissent from his underlings.

  4. scizzorbill says:

    Good riddance. He sorta made sense when he blamed “weather changes” on “climate change”. Thirty years of weather makes it climate. An old seafaring friend once said to me: Climate is what you can expect. Weather is what you get.

  5. Circular reasoning is standard procedure. A typical eco-worrier analysis on why the globe hasn’t warmed for a decade or two is to subtract the ‘cooler’ parts of the whether from the climate system (such as ENSO related effects) and declare victory when whatever is left over turns out to be warmer. See, warming hasn’t stopped! 😉

    Yes folks, it really gets that dumb.

  6. Justa Joe says:

    The donks played this guy like a fiddle. He rubber-stamped every cash payment to Obama donors under the auspices of “green” energy. Who would blame the absent minded professor? For his part he was well compensated.

  7. gregole says:

    I’m glad to see that enemy of humanity go. Now if only Holdren would leave government….

  8. Me says:

    Chuman says “Ok that does it, Chu you guys I’m going home.” 😆

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