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Why I Like The Super Bowl

There is very little traffic on Super Bowl Sunday, which makes it a great day to do other things – like cycling.

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1893 : Three Major Hurricanes Hit The US And Killed 4,000 People

It has been eight years since the US was hit by a major hurricane. Hurricane expert Barack Obama says that storms are getting stronger, and that none of his subjects in his kingdom are allowed to disagree with him. Hurricane … Continue reading

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Meltdown At The Fastest Warming Place On Earth

Weather Forecast Alert Airport, Northwest Territories | Alert Airport Weather | Wunderground

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The Trenberth Shell Game

When it is hot in Texas, look there. When it is cold in Texas, don’t look there. It’s been really cold, with lots of snow. So what happened to global warming? | UCAR – University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

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Hurricanes Were Kindler And Gentler Before “Climate Change”

1900 Galveston hurricane – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Mission Accomplished!

Global temperatures have not increased for 16 years, and climate nutcases experts say that “we have to keep temperature rise below two degrees” Now one of the leading alarmists (James Annan) says that we have succeeded A value (slightly) under 2 … Continue reading

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After Much Discussion, Leftist Nutcases Determine That This Girl Is Not A Terrorist After All

A six-year-old girl expelled for bringing a clear plastic gun to class will be allowed to return to school.  Sumter County Schools Superintendent Dr. Randolph Bynum said Thursday afternoon that he would vacate a decision to remove Naomi McKinney from … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Protecting Wildlife

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Looking Out For The Little Guy

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Polar Meltdown Update

Climate experts tell us that we are experiencing an unprecedented polar meltdown, as evidenced by the fact that global sea ice area is right at the satellite era mean. iphone.recent.global.png (512×412)

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