Strip Gore Of His Nobel Prize

Lance had to give back his medals for being a fraud, and so should Al Jazerra Gore.

On the other hand, Obama has retroactively brought peace to the world – cleverly disguised as perpetual war.

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5 Responses to Strip Gore Of His Nobel Prize

  1. Blade says:

    (off topic tip) Have a look at a typical enemy of Freedom, the Constitution, and America itself …

    www,nypost,com/p/news/local/kelly_the_piece_keeper_IUlCTr3YodkRPsPCtRPYOM (replace commas with dots)

    “For us in New York City, and I believe in most urban centers throughout America, the problem really is concealable handguns,” Kelly said.

    He also penned a column for the New York Post …

    www,nypost,com/p/news/local/scourge_of_nyc_streets_eZuOUMryiS38ewn9UuFlBM (replace commas with dots)

    While assault rifles serve no legitimate hunting purpose, and their ban would be a welcome advance after the Newtown slaughter, illegal handguns remain the weapon of choice for killers and other criminals in New York City.

    Kelly is probably a future NYC mayor, and maybe even Governor. By the way, this scumbag is nominally an (R). Up here in the parasitic welfare states of the Northeast that means a liberal anywhere else, while our actual (D) Liberals are pretty much Communists. Hardcore Constitutionalists have been warning for years that the leftists will never stop. Even Supreme Court rulings and Constitutional Amendments are just roadbumps that they ignore. They will not stop until America is at parity with EuroSocialist Neo-Communism or when we are at Civil War. They are daring us to take the latter.

    To give you an idea how stupid this Kelly is, look at the following picture. A media photo-op with a hunting revolver with a nice optical scope and added laser pointer. And look at how the jackass has his finger on the trigger. He should be fired just for that photo alone. This is a truly irresponsible “police” commissioner and wannabe dictator …–300×300.jpg

    Here’s a few more of the senile old fool …
    wizbangblog,com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Ray+Kelly+NYPD+Chief.jpg (replace commas with dots)
    www,nypost,com/rw/nypost/2012/10/13/news/web_photos/13.1n006.gunsmuggling1.C–300×300.jpg (replace commas with dots)
    www,nypost,com/rw/nypost/2012/08/21/news/web_photos/21.1n007.machinegunkelly–300×300.jpg (replace commas with dots)

  2. Since Al is now 500 million richer, I’d say he’s happy to stick that Nobel medal wherever it fits.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Al Gore should return his Nobel Prize, along with the Cracker Jack box that contained it.

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