More Gun BS From The White House

The White House has released this picture of Obama “shooting skeet.”

ScreenHunter_35 Feb. 02 09.08

Anyone who actually shoots skeet would know that you point the gun upwards, because that is where the target is. Shotgun rules are apparently different for Barack Obama and Dick Cheney.

ScreenHunter_34 Feb. 02 09.08 ScreenHunter_33 Feb. 02 09.08

h/t to Latitude

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42 Responses to More Gun BS From The White House

  1. Latitude says:

    this is really sad……even the people that setup the picture didn’t know what they were doing

    • Latitude says:

      wonder how long it took for that bruise to go away…..
      ….look at his cheek

      • What is that sideways spray of smoke? It would be stupid and extremely dangerous to have a hole in the side of a shotgun barrel.

      • kbray in california says:

        A second shooter on the grassy knoll ?
        That’s two guys with lousy aim.

      • kbray in california says:

        Obama smoking ?

      • Blade says:

        “What is that sideways spray of smoke? It would be stupid and extremely dangerous to have a hole in the side of a shotgun barrel.”

        Magna-Porting. Don’t know if they still call it that, maybe just porting. It is kind of an artifical muzzle brake. Drill holes down into the top of the barrel close to the business end which releases some exhaust gas upwards like a retro-rocket without reducing muzzle velocity too much.

        Got it myself on a .44 Magnum. Doesn’t help that much really, although I haven’t tried a shotgun with it myself. It does make for better photographs, the already massive fireball from a Desert Eagle gets enhanced by a little fire and smoke popping out the top 🙂

        Dingleberry is using a Magna-Ported shotgun so he doesn’t hurt his little girly arms and shoulders. I can’t tell, but it might just be a wimpy little .410 anyway. Barry’s a little bitch.

  2. Haha, I was in a related thread on another forum and posted up that same pic of the lady shooting for comparison! My suggested caption for this: “Turn that thing off, it keeps throwing the little plate thingies up in the air!”

    But yeah, even if he has shot skeet in the past, this is SO obviously a contrived photo op it aint funny. Shows how contemptuous they are of the American people, and the confidence they have in the Collaborationist Media not to call them out.

  3. Sundance says:

    Maybe he’s shooting at a target that looks like the Constitution?

  4. Traitor in Chief says:

    It’s easier to hit the pieces that are already laying on the ground. 🙂

    • I repaired a space heater last week with some homemade buckshot. It had an arrow stuck in it, and just one shot got the arrow out.

      • TonyO of Aust says:

        Mate – is there anything at your place that doesn’t have an arrow in it? I’ve seen a keyboard and a chook – now a space heater……..I think it would be dangerous to be an inanimate object at your place.
        Over here, we shoot anything that moves – and if it doesn’t move, you give it a kick and then shoot it. I hope you are at least that sporting….

  5. Bob722 says:


    His stance could be indicative of a skeet shooter shooting on station 7. The station 7 shot is the easiest in skeet BTW.

    And your comment:”What is that sideways spray of smoke? It would be stupid and extremely dangerous to have a hole in the side of a shotgun barrel.”

    POTUS is shown shooting a Browning Competition O/U shotgun w/ported barrels. So yes it does have holes (many) in the side of the barrel just behind the forcing cones.

    From Bob,

    Life member – National Sporting Clays Association

    • Looks pretty low to me.
      Why doesn’t shot bounce out of the barrel?

      • Bob722 says:


        At station 7 the shooter is standing right next to the thrower (in the low house) which is about waist high to the shooter.

        And no shot does not bounce out of the barrel because it is still contained inside the plastic wad. The shot does not separate from the wad until it leaves the barrel.


      • I do my own reloading, and the wads are feathered. There are four gaps separated by 90 degrees, which are big enough for #6 or smaller shot to escape.

  6. Bob722 says:

    Shotgun blast with wad separation picture:

    Browning ported barrels picture:

  7. Pathway says:

    I would guess if it is ported it would be to reduce recoil. knowing the kind of sissy POTUS is it would be expected.

  8. Bob722 says:


    I’m not trying to defend our useless sleaze bag POTUS, nor do I really know if he’s ever gone skeet shooting. However, that barrel angle is possible from only station 7 and it’s where we start many a beginning shooter from to help them gain some confidence in hitting a moving (going straight away) target.

    As to the barrel porting, it is quite common to find on US competition shotguns used in skeet, trap and sporting clays. However, porting is illegal for use in Olympic International trap, and skeet and FITAC internationl sporting clays competitions.


  9. Bob722 says:

    Porting reduces some recoil and some muzzle jump, but makes it uncomfortable for any spectators or an instructor standing alongside the shooter as it is very loud, pushing sound and blast out the sides of the barrels.

  10. Blade says:


    The photo of BarryBitch is very close to the infamous Dukakis tank photos, don’tcha think?

    Just sayin.

  11. If you push him hard enough, the White House is likely to put out a “photo” of Obama firing the Guns of Navarone from the hip.

    fake photo of obama skeet shooting

    On that site, you will find that the earlier photo of Obama looking off-balance and with the shotgun pointing at the ground, is really a fake of a real photo of him playing golf. Anyone who is still sane knows he is just a compulsive liar, lying for no reason other than that he is used to doing it to project a false, heroic image of himself. Putin poses for bare-chested photos, and Mao Tse Tung posed swimming in the Yangtze river, for the same reason–a “strong man” image.

    He should be laughed out of office, and never hold another public office again.

  12. Brian says:

    Yeah, this is one of those things… Like when Paul Ryan was washing dishes at the soup kitchen. One of those politics photo’s.

  13. Latitude says:

    Kim posted Obama’s schedule over at James’…..
    Obama was no where near Camp David on Aug 4

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