Obama Has Improved America’s Standing In The World

Jimmy Carter had one embassy attack. Obama has had eight. He blames them on YouTube, and says that he has defeated Al Qaeda

US Embassy Bombing in Turkey Was Eighth Embassy Attack

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7 Responses to Obama Has Improved America’s Standing In The World

  1. Justa Joe says:

    If an embasy was attacked, and the lackies of the press don’t report about it was it ever really attacked? The press must blame themselves for Jimmy Carters ouster so they’ve vowed to themselves, NEVER AGAIN!

  2. kbray in california says:

    In Obama Think, 8 embassy attacks adjusted for inflation equals 0.8 attacks (less than one).

    Tolerance of attacks on our embassies gives the host country population a necessary boost to their sense of self worth, morale, and feelings of empowerment. It’s all good for world peace. Just minor bumps. sarc.

    The lack of coverage and outrage in the media to these American tragedies is shameful.

    The current administration’s mismanagement of world and domestic affairs is mind numbing.
    Every time obama speaks I feel neuralized a-la “Men in Black”.


    This is the only explanation I can think of how and why he can get away with this shit.

  3. To be entirely accurate and fair,the information I’m seeing elsewhere is that this was the work of a Communist/Marxist terror group, not a Mohammedan terror group.

  4. Latitude says:

    well, in all fairness, Clinton did attack the Chinese embassy

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