Obama’s Scenario C

Four years ago, Obama convinced Americans to fork over another trillion dollars ($3000 per person) for something he called the “Stimulus Act.” He used the graph below to sell it.


Four years later, we can see that he understands economics as well as Hansen understands climate. Unemployment is far above what it would have been if we did nothing.

ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 01 18.20

A family of five didn’t need that $15,000 anyway.

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3 Responses to Obama’s Scenario C

  1. SMS says:

    Why don’t you plot the real unemployment? Not the figure the labor department conspires to put out. If you compare the number of jobs created since Obama took office against what is necessary to keep even with new entries into the work force, this county hasn’t made any headway in getting our citizens back to work; just lost considerable ground.

  2. DaBuh says:

    Under my plan of stimulate the economy with stimulus system unemployment would necessarily sky rocket..

  3. Bill stewart says:

    More lies and BS from Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!

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