Remembering The Start Of The Holocaust

The White House appears to be creating an illegal gun registry of American citizens. One of the readers here thinks this is a good idea.

On November 11, 1938 Hitler made it illegal for Jews to own guns. He then rounded up their guns and immediately afterwards started hauling them off to concentration camps.

ScreenHunter_18 Feb. 02 06.26

ScreenHunter_19 Feb. 02 06.27

Middlesboro Daily News – Nov 12, 1938

ScreenHunter_21 Feb. 02 06.35

The Bulletin – Nov 12, 1938

ScreenHunter_15 Feb. 02 06.24

ScreenHunter_16 Feb. 02 06.25

21 Nov 1938 – Northern Star – p1

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12 Responses to Remembering The Start Of The Holocaust

  1. Keitho says:

    “Hot and sultry” on Nov 21st 1938 inside the USA. Gee who knew hey.

  2. Sparks says:

    Steven, I know you support the right to bare arms, But, I’m just curious, do you believe your own government and army will you drag you off to a gas chamber if they remove weapons from mental people. or are you making an historical point that had the Jewish people been armed, Hitler and his forces would not have committed all the Holocaust atrocities during WW2.

    I agree with the right to bare arms, but it also makes a lot of sense to me that there are a lot of unstable people, who should not have weapons of any kind.

    I have no disagreement with you mate, like I said, I’m curious about the subject. How would you solve the issue?

    What if a doctor found a person to be unstable and unfit to bare arms, would it be OK to request that the person disarm while they are unstable? They would still have the right to say no.

    I think it will ultimately come down eradicating poverty, improving peoples lives and improving education and their social structures.

    I also think improving education on fire arms is important, because although there is a right to bare arms it is illegal to kill.

    • In parts of the US where a large percentage of the population is legally armed, the violent crime rate is essentially zero.

      It is important to filter out the bullshit being spewed by the left.

      • Sparks says:

        In those parts of the US where the violent crime rate is essentially zero. It would be interesting to know if poverty is lower and if standards of life are higher as well as education on the subject. as for the irrational Bullshit being spewed by the left, I understand that it’s an American left/right issue, But even casually reading about the subject like I am the political points being made by the political left are not coming from sensible people, I mean what defense do you have when a heart broking mother tells you that you need to support a political view because it’s a just cause.

        People don’t think rationally when they are emotional, for example My brother was killed by a car, should we ban cars if I make an emotional plea that they kill people? The answer is No. There are laws for people who use vehicles, if you operate a car irresponsibly and break these laws you should be held responsible and punished to the full extent of the law after the fact. All the drivers I know are responsible so give me a good reason why they should be punished? I’ll bet no one can, not even me.

      • The vast majority of violent crime in the US occurs in a few inner cities – in neighborhoods which vote almost 100% Democratic. The Republican areas of the country (85% of the area) have very little violent crime.

      • gator69 says:

        “In those parts of the US where the violent crime rate is essentially zero. It would be interesting to know if poverty is lower and if standards of life are higher as well as education on the subject.”

        I live in a very poor county, median income is only @ $40,000. The educational system is the very same federal system throughout the country. The crime rate out here is next to nothing, bad checks make the front page of the county paper, and everyone is armed to the teeth.

  3. truthseeker says:

    you guys are a bunch of propagandized parrots. all this shit about the crimes of the germans, what about the war crimes of the allies perpetrated on the germans civilians, not to mention that we worked with the russians, the fact is that you cry for six million jews, which seems to be a variable number, what about millions and millions and millions that died due to psychopaths like fdr and churchhill, they pummeled the germans into the ground and then spit on their fucking corpses and on the survivors. their still paying for it, the fact that this sight can turn a blind eye to these crimes and continue to feel sorry for the “poor jews” is just fucking disgusting, are the deaths of white europeans any less tragic? how many more event of history can you really ignore? the fact that hitler had over 40,000 jewish soldiers fighting beside the rest of his army? had 63 jewish officers who answered to him, no none of these facts fit the narrative, on top of all of this we nuked japan when they were about to surrender, these men were evil bastards, far more evil than hitler in my opinion. after it was all said and done, germans that had land and homes in their family for generations stolen by russians and poles. this isn’t even getting into all the horrors stallin’s red army brought onto the the defeated german people. why don’t i ever hear about how the bolshevik commies mass murdered over 40 million chistians and millions of others during the communist rein, are their lives less valuable than 6 million jews? no, the number is exploited to further agenda’s and make people feel sorry for these people, judea declared war on germany first, your propaganda is disgusting when you put such an emphasis on that one part and fuck everyone else who lost their life in this ignorant war even if that 6 million number was 2 million, then four million then six million, that right there makes me smell bullshit. but the fact that it hides the true cost of ww2, really makes me sick. the fact that these the these crimes on the german people were covered up for so long, that the stigma of the holocaust has followed the german people for so long, and they are still paying for it, just shows how twisted and sick this world is.

  4. Andy OZ says:

    The US people have a choice between freedom and liberty or being subject to a totalitarian government like the Nazis or Stalinist USSR. Currently your dear leader is behaving the same as Stalin. It is not a big step to detention centre’s and internment camps for those who disagree. We have them all across Australia for illegal immigrants. Citizens are next.

  5. we must remember the start of the holocaust so it doesn’t happen again!

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