DHS Week In Review

Biden announces that AR-15s are useless for personal defense.

DHS buys  7,000 AR-15s for personal defense.

If ‘Assault Weapons’ Are Bad…Why Does DHS Want to Buy 7,000 of Them for ‘Personal Defense’? | TheBlaze.com

DHS is buying hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo for their AR-15s. (Apparently they need fifty or sixty thousand rounds each for personal defense.)

Department of Homeland Security buys even more hollow point rounds – National Government | Examiner.com

DHS holds practice invasions in Miami, Houston and Chicago.

Hillary implies that anyone who disagrees with the White House is a terrorist.

ATF goes to FFLs and illegally collects gun sale records, to compile an illegal registry of gun owners.

Meanwhile, America watches the Super Bowl. The press says nothing. Congress says nothing. Obama releases a picture of himself firing a shotgun.

Nothing to see here, move along.


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5 Responses to DHS Week In Review

  1. Ivan says:

    Do you think maybe they have been adding something to the water? Are the anti-flouridation conspiracy theorists right after all – and the population has been reduced to a bunch of mindless submissive mushrooms?

  2. The Republicans need to introduce, and pass, new legislation in the spirit of Obamacare–REQUIRING that every person of working age buy an AR-15.

  3. John Silver says:

    It wouldn’t be that hard to find their arsenal. (not football related)

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