Huffington Post : Global Warming Turns Bears Into Cannibals

Thirteen months ago, the Puffington Host said that global warming was turning bears into cannibals.

ScreenHunter_172 Feb. 04 12.46

Cannibal Polar Bears: Bloodthirsty Pictures From A Melting Arctic

Now that they know that Polar bear populations are booming and that bears are not so cute and cuddly, how will they respond?

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7 Responses to Huffington Post : Global Warming Turns Bears Into Cannibals

  1. Rosco says:

    I remember watching a David Attenborough documentary a few years ago about the Arctic – you know – the one where his film crew faked Attenborough watching the birth of a wild polar bear cub by using footage shot in a zoo and pretending it was in a snow cave in the Arctic !!

    Anyway – there was some REAL information shown as a mother and 2 cubs were fleeing a stalking male. The mother polar bear knew the unknown male would kill and eat her cubs if they didn’t outrun the stalker.

    Just like crocodiles often pose the biggest threat to newborn crocs.

    To a predator the young can simply be easy prey – that’s Gaia for you, folks !!

  2. Pathway says:

    In many species a rival male will kill the offspring of a female so she will come into estrous and give the male a chance at spreading his genetic material. This is common in mountain lions and some primates.

  3. Mr Coookie says:

    Global HOAX Turns Bears Into Cannibals…. BULL $$$$h!T……

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