Remembering The Hottest Year Ever

One year ago I was attempting to drive from Colorado to Maryland (presumably to see the Broncos beat the Ravens in the AFC Championship ROFLMAO)

February 3rd, 2012

For the millions of Americans who have been wondering where winter is, look no further than Colorado, which has been blasted by 1 to 2 feet of wind-whipped snow during the past 24 hours. The storm responsible for the snow and wind is also causing severe thunderstorms in Texas and Oklahoma, with the threat of tornadoes Friday. Overnight, heavy snow is expected to fall across Nebraska, including Lincoln, Grand Isle and Omaha, with up to a foot of snow expected.

According to the National Weather Service, Gilpin County, Colorado, has already received 34.5 inches of snow, and 26.5 inches have fallen in Ward, Colorado, with 16 inches in Boulder, a foot in Denver, and 18 inches at Sand Creek Reservoir in Wyoming.   While snow in Colorado isn’t unusual, it’s rare for Denver and eastern Colorado to get a storm of this magnitude during February. Most of Denver’s snow comes during the fall and spring, and this storm may break records for the biggest February snowstorm.

Rare February Blizzard Rages in Denver | Climate Central

If I hear one more person in Colorado say “it should have been us last night” – I may have to go back to Maryland.

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1 Response to Remembering The Hottest Year Ever

  1. Pathway says:

    And all that snow grew the grass that became dry and caught on fire and made the media go wild with excitement.

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