We Call It DHS

In Germany they called it SS. In the Soviet Union they called it KGB

The purpose is to secure the homeland/fatherland/motherland.

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6 Responses to We Call It DHS

  1. Sundance says:

    AOL Headline Today:

    ‘Secret Memo: Gov’t Can Kill Americans’

    “A confidential document reveals the Obama administration believes it can legally order drone strikes on some American citizens.”

  2. magellan says:

    There was also the Sturm Abteilung (SA).
    We have the DHS and the TSA.

    “An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation, We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.”

    Sound familiar?

  3. Wyguy says:

    G.W. Bush qwould have been impeached years ago over this crap, had he done any of it.

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