White House Says It Is “Ethical” And “Wise” To Let Obama Execute American Citizens Without Due Process

“These strikes are legal, they are ethical and they are wise,” Carney said.

Carney: Drone Strikes ‘Legal,’ ‘Ethical,’ ‘Wise’ | Washington Free Beacon

No, it is not legal, ethical or wise to allow anyone to execute American citizens without due process. Where are the ACLU and all the liberals who fought for due process and Miranda rights?

What has happened to this country? Are people so terrified of their own shadows that they are willing to throw all of their rights away?


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30 Responses to White House Says It Is “Ethical” And “Wise” To Let Obama Execute American Citizens Without Due Process

  1. gator69 says:

    We won’t arrest or deport “illegal” “aliens”, but we will vaporize a US citizen. Ethical.

  2. Mickey says:

    I wondered why the Pres picked today to release his plan to push back the automatic budget cuts. Now we know why. It’s all a diversion.

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    Next thing you know O is going to use the black boxes for cars that his administration pushed so hard for and that is now mandated for 2014 cars, O is going to use mandatory black boxes in cars to track his enemies (like us!), and we’ll be driving along and suddenly WHAM… drone attack. We dead.

  4. I’ll cut across the grain a bit here — aside from any hypocrisy of this administration (which is plentiful), as far as I can see, if you have gone abroad and taken up arms against the United States on behalf of a foreign power, whether an actual nation or a terror group, you have made yourself an enemy combatant, regardless of whatever technical citizenship you might have. And I don’t much care what takes out an enemy combatant, drone, grenade, or ten round burst. You don’t get trials on the battlefield. I’d note too that traditionally, serving in the armed forces of a power at war with the US is one way that citizenship is automatically forfeited, so yes, I would go so far as saying is that if you have thrown in with al Quaeda or Hamas or the Taliban or any such bunch — you have rejected your citizenship, so that whistle you hear? Bend over and kiss it goodbye.

    • You really do not understand what is going on here.

      • Possibly not. Perhaps I should have specified that I mean on foreign battlefields, not within US territory. But I repeat, if you are living in caves and hills with al-Q, preparing to unleash jihad on the United States, I don’t care where you were born, you are now an enemy combatant, not a criminal. Expect a loud boom.

      • DHS just bought a few hundred million rounds of rifle ammo for use inside the US. There is only one possible explanation for that, and it has nothing to do with Al Qaeda

      • No, I’ve heard of that and it’s chilling, but it’s a different issue. I agree too that it’s absurd that he’s doing nothing to secure our borders, bordering on criminally negligent. Yes, the big picture is very discouraging, but I’m addressing only one very narrow part of it, which is, as I say, possibly the one thing with this administration I don’t take issue with.

      • It is definitely not a different issue. He is creating precedent for killing anyone he considers to be a threat to his agenda.

    • kirkmyers says:

      The U.S. citizens that Obama murdered by drone were never charged with a crime. Obama has declared himself judge, jury and executioner. Due process is quickly becoming a thing of the past as this administration works overtime to strip Americans of their remaining constitutional liberties.

      By the way, who defines “terrorist.” Obama and his henchmen? Soon, any American who defies Obama and demonstrates against or criticizes the fast-approaching fascist police state will be defined as a “terrorist sympathizer” or “enemy combatant.”

      We are on quickly losing our most precious freedoms, including the right to defend ourselves against our own government. The American people better wake up before it’s too late. The Second Amendment is our last time of defense against government tyranny. Without the right to bear arms, the other nine amendments are mere words on parchment.

  5. Brian G Valentine says:

    Ask Joe Romm if it is okay to gun down deniers.

    Go ahead, ask him on his blog.

    He won’t answer, but he will allow favorable comments from his collection of failed frontal lobotomy experiments

  6. Andy OZ says:

    When an emperor goes crazy nuetralising his fellow citizens, there is always a guy who benefits from doing all the wet work. In the DHS, I wonder who that could be?


  7. Andy DC says:

    If Obama were to use drone strikes against anyone but hard core Jihadist organizations, he should be immediately impeached. But we are involved in a war against terror. If the strikes are preventing another 9/11, aren’t they a good thing?

    • Obama can get away with anything, and he knows it.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Yes, drone strikes against terrorists are probably a good thing. But there also seems to be a genuine and perhaps justified concern that Obama would go beyond the call of duty in marshaling various forces to advance his own agenda. That could be scary. Hopefully it’s an unjustified fear, but people have valid points. And about the capturing of Obama Bin Laden, one wonders why they didn’t capture him alive? So they wouldn’t have to water board? Was that it? I mean, the lost intelligence is staggering. It really didn’t do us much good otherwise, except to stroke a desire for vengeance, and of course to inflame Pakistan in a major way.

    • kirkmyers says:

      We have much more to fear from our own government — itself a terrorist organization operating overseas and domestically — than we do from pissed off Muslims who’ve had their country bombed and shot to hell by foreign invaders from the good ol’ peace-loving USA.

  8. It is alarming to find that our rulers and the MSM go along with all this.

  9. gator69,
    I love dry humor. You are awesome!

  10. phodges says:

    “This Power (To Kill Americans) Is Going To Be Available For Every Future President!”

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