Forensics Without Any Clues

On the day of the Sandy Hook shooting, all the news networks confidently said that Adam Lanza killed his mother with a .22 bullet, and destroyed his hard drive with a screwdriver.

They came to this conclusion without any witnesses or other physical evidence that he had committed either of those acts. He apparently didn’t have a .22 weapon in his possession.

Someone obviously did not want the contents of the hard drive read. Why would a person who was planning to fire a shot heard around the world and then die, want to hide any record of their life or why they did what they did? Whoever destroyed that hard drive obviously wanted something hidden. We need to know what that was, regardless of who did it.

The FBI was able to recover the contents of hard drives in the World Trade Center, but a screwdriver foiled them.


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6 Responses to Forensics Without Any Clues

  1. Da Buh says:

    The statement by the CT prosecutor’s office is the first indication from state authorities that Adam Lanza may have not acted alone. The statement was made in support of a motion to continue the seal on the results of five search warrants for 90 more days.

    Read more:

  2. squid2112 says:

    I have, on occasion through my career, been engaged in computer forensics. I do not proclaim to be an expert in this particular sector of my discipline, however, I have worked closely with those that are. I have also worked for the DOD in this realm, where proper disposal of hard drives included the removal of individual platters, placed into special shredders that shred the platters into a metallic dust, whereby the dust is then incinerated. The reason why the DOD demands this procedure is because without it, it is entirely possible, if not probable, that information can be restored from those platters. I have witnessed some incredible recovery operations during my career, most of which occurred more than a decade ago, I am sure the technology has improved tremendously since then. I do not believe that a screwdriver could stop a good recovery service from recovering a good portion of the information stored on a hard drive. I have seen drives that I am sure were in much worse condition and that were recovered nearly 100%.

  3. Olaf Koenders says:

    Although some hard drives were recovered from the WTC collapses, the sheer number of hard drives alone meant that some could invariably be recovered. However, a single hard drive and screwdriver aside, there are far more discrepancies about Sandy Hook posted daily that point to something akin to false flag operations.

    • Olaf Koenders says:


      One thing I should have mentioned: It’s probably too early to tell, but we must remain vigilant regarding reports of the “truth” and the “actual truth”. In years gone by, people (mostly bored teenagers in mummy’s basement) who desperately wanted 911 to be a gubberment conspiracy, manufactured evidence in many ways including editing stock footage to “prove” any one of their million arguments.

      Most of these will be found on YouTube of course. So be careful to disseminate only that which has really happened. Check your sources.

  4. bkivey says:

    Once a colleague and I were told to dispose of an obsolete hard drive. Being engineers, we wanted to see how much damage it could take. We left it connected to the computer, and proceeded to abuse it. We tried rare earth magnets and a hammer, but it kept on running. We did not try a screwdriver.

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