Manchester Professor Confuses The IRA With Global Warming

ScreenHunter_174 Feb. 06 15.00

Manchester faces an apocalyptic future of monsoons, deadly heatwaves and mass food shortages within our lifetimes, claims Professor Kevin Anderson – Manchester Evening News

This is what Manchester looked like after the 1996 IRA bombing

ScreenHunter_174 Feb. 06 15.02

As far as the weather goes, every time I have been to Manchester it has been cold and rainy. Perhaps the IRA bomb addled the good professor’s brain.

h/t to Marc Morano

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2 Responses to Manchester Professor Confuses The IRA With Global Warming

  1. peter_dtm says:

    well at least the IRA are real; and a real bunch of murdering bas t ards unlike the global climate change scam which is a lie peddled by a bunch of ‘wanna be’ murderous scum
    Would any one dare post a picture of the World Trade centrre and ask the same question ?; I had friends injured and acquaintances killed in Manchester; no one has yet died from the climate scam – though we may be able to hang some for treason at some stage.

    Manchester is a maritime climate aggravated by being in the rain shadow of the Pennines; those Mancunians who have yet to grow webbed feet would love a warmer; dryer climate.

    I suspect the professor has been using brain damaging chemicals – or should change job and become a lying politician – but then who would notice ?

  2. Rosco says:

    Where I live – Caloundra Queensland Australia – we already have the 6 degrees average above 14 degrees C.

    I am finding it increasingly harder to find a space on the beach free from ex-pat Brits – all of whom have absolutely no intention of returning to the cold.

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