TS Sandy And TS Irene Upgraded To Major Hurricanes

Superstorm Sandy was one of the worst weather events in the state’s history and the second major hurricane in as many years to cause widespread flooding, power outages and damage. The storm’s scope and devastation have increased talk about climate change and its possible impact, which is said to include more frequent and more intense storm systems.

Sandy recovery, not climate, on Governor Christie’s radar – NorthJersey.com


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3 Responses to TS Sandy And TS Irene Upgraded To Major Hurricanes

  1. philjourdan says:

    I was in the bulls-eye for both Irene and Isabel. I fared much better with Irene, but the area in general did not. Still, they were hardly major. A major annoyance for us, but that is due to the damage to the power structure, not necessarily actual damage to private property.

  2. higley7 says:

    That part of New Jersey gets hit by a major storm about every 60–80 years. So, they forgot about the fact that THEY LIVE AT THE SHORE and sat around with their pants around their ankles and no insurance. It surely is not the rest of us who should be paying for their having their heads up their *****.

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