You Tell Me : Why Would Someone Who Is Planning To Die Destroy His Hard Drive And Not Leave A Suicide Note?

The official Adam Lanza story makes zero sense.

Investigators trying to recover information from Adam Lanza’s hard drive have come up short, reports say, as he destroyed it before heading it for Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As we reported, Lanza took his mother’s keys and guns and wound up killing 26 people and himself, in Newtown Connecticut.

Police have attempted to extract the data from Lanza’s computer, in an effort to find out why the killer resorted to his desperate, gruesome gesture.

It “appeared to have been badly damaged with a hammer or screwdriver,” sources in law enforcement describe, according to The Atlantic Wire.

Adam Lanza’s Hard Drive Destroyed, Before Sandy Hook Shooting – Softpedia

People who do things like this on their way off the planet want fame and notoriety.

Someone destroyed his hard drive. Given that he supposedly shot himself in the head, how could they possibly ascertain that he was the one who did it? What motivation would a suicidal person have to destroy evidence?

All of the early news reports said there were two shooters with pistols. Then they said that a rifle was found in the car. Later it changed to one shooter and a rifle in the school.

Within minutes of the shooting, Obama and CNN began their campaign to confiscate American rifles.

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16 Responses to You Tell Me : Why Would Someone Who Is Planning To Die Destroy His Hard Drive And Not Leave A Suicide Note?

  1. kirkmyers says:

    Also, it was initially reported that the rife (or rifles) were found in the car. So how did Lanza kill students with a rifle? How could he pass through a secure locked door, monitored by a camera, carrying a rifle and not be noticed? Why were we never shown any bodies? Why were paramedics kept away from the crime scene for so long?

    • Where is the security footage?

      • slimething says:

        That’s what bothers me the most right now.

      • methylamine says:

        Me three.

        The videos would provide them with so much more impact, it’s astonishing they haven’t released them. Their excuse might be “sensitivity”–barf, considering what they’ve done elsewhere–but then, they could be edited to show only Lanza and the weapon(s).

        That they haven’t indicates either:
        It’s not as advertised OR
        They’re editing in a CG Bushmaster…or a non-existent Lanza…

        Given some of the excellent debunking work done on the 911 planes-into-buildings videos, they’re probably terrified to release forgeries knowing crowd-sourcing will rip them to shreds.

        Hence, no videos–and there will be no videos.

    • Andy OZ says:

      “Within minutes of the shooting, Obama and CNN began their campaign to confiscate American rifles.”

      This was the most insincere reaction to the tragedy, assuming Sandy Hook truly happened. And it shows how the left’s political agenda is more important than the grief of those involved.

  2. slimething says:

    It is possible the security camera at the entrance does not record video.
    Who knows.

  3. Perhaps your heading should read “Why do crazy people act irrationally?”

    • Eric Simpson says:

      A blog just revealed the bullshit in Stephan Lewandowsky’s attempt “to connect climate change denial and scepticism to conspiracy theories.”

      An excerpt: “One reason may be that it was, as has been widely observed, utter BS. Even Lewandowsky’s own colleagues pointed out its many flaws in methodology, and its naked attempt to diminish Lewandowsky’s opposites in the climate debate — climate bloggers.”

      I actually find a lot of plausibility to the Sandy Hook “Conspiracy” points. But…at first look l also found a lot of credibility to the “loose change” bit about 9/11 being an inside job. Yet I know that the Sandy Hook concerns are real. This stuff is crazy! But as skeptics it falls upon us to be the careful vanguard that does not present a front that has even the appearance of being an easy target to present as fringe-cases. Like, also, when we make a big squawk about how God created everything, it makes us an easy victim of the stereotype, and we loose the middle. That issue can be argued by others or even us, but elsewhere. And I’d like to see posts about how Los Angeles is about to be buried in an Idaho sized snow drift. Because it in fact did snow — in Burbank — 2 years ago. So, it’s coming!

    • Robertv says:

      Remember undamaged stories below the impact zone offered zero resistance to the collapse.
      Crazy buildings act irrationally.

      At 9:58:59, the South Tower collapsed in ten seconds,

      Distance = 1/2 x Gravity x Time(squared)
      2 x Distance = Gravity x Time(squared)
      Time(squared) = (2 x Distance) / Gravity
      Time(squared) = 2710 / 32 = 84.7
      Time = 9.2

      But that can only occur in a vacuum.

  4. Andy OZ says:

    “Why would someone who is planning to die destroy his hard drive and not leave a suicide note?”

    That would be to destroy the evidence of all communication between Lanza, assuming he is the lone gunman, and certain parties who would otherwise become known to the public and would then need to explain why “they”
    -knew of and contributed to his sociopathic mental state,
    -encouraged him in his sociopathic mental state,
    -didn’t report his mental state to relevant authorities
    -provided weapons training,
    -provided security intelligence,
    -provided targeting intell and strategic planning
    -provided diversionary tactics, battle tactics
    -provided strategies versus countermeasures and against first responders.

    Or he is just a nut who got pissed with his PC when his broadband connection was cut off, and then took his frustration out on 28 people.

  5. ozspeaksup says:

    funny how they could say..they recovered hard drives from the banksters pcs in the TT rubble.
    but a kid can ruin one so well?
    far far to many things in all the recent events dont add up the sec cameras in the shool and in the theatre or the carpark etc. evidence supressed, records sealed, its all so dodgy.

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