1975 : Climate Scientists Wanted To Melt The Arctic – To Save The Planet From Bad Weather

Climate scientists are much smarter now, and know that bad weather is caused by melted ice. It used to be caused by unmelted ice.

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7 Responses to 1975 : Climate Scientists Wanted To Melt The Arctic – To Save The Planet From Bad Weather

  1. Dave N says:

    Which climatologists?

    Apparently there wasn’t any consensus about the threat of an oncoming ice-age, so this group must have been a minority.. you know, similar to the odd looney like Schneider who wasn’t a respected or prominent scientist, and who appeared on a well known TV show aired around the world.

    Oh, and Lamb.. such an obscure figure, really; like Hansen is these days.

  2. Steve, none of this happened. William Connelly said so. The fact that he’s a green party political activist is irrelevant. 😉

  3. Ed Caryl says:

    The experiment described in 1975 is being performed.

  4. Ben says:

    On the one side we have historical winter temperatures. Increases icepack.

    On the other side we have always had storms, wind, currents and summer temperatures. Decreases ice

    Whats new?
    Soot decreases ice.
    Icebreakers decrease ice. Picture ceramic tile with no grout. Ice becomes weak and unstable, more susceptible to wind and currents, which cause direct ice-ice collision and frictional sideswipes.

    Its not a fair fight.

  5. Murray R. Adamthwaite says:

    Let’s put “climatology” into the same category as phrenology and eugenics, and see it for the pseudo-science that it is, or has at least become.

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