The World Changes

Michael Moore is actually starting to get a clue.

Michael Moore asks citizens to stand up to Obama on civil liberties issue

Moore supporting activists who have mounted a case against the Obama administration seeking change to ‘dangerous’ NDAA law

Michael Moore, the gadfly documentarian who has made a career out of fighting against conservative issues, has called for US citizens to stand up to President Barack Obama and back a court case he says is fighting a dangerous erosion of civil liberties.

The case has been brought against a little known piece of legislation called the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA), which critics say has been changed to grant Obama the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge.

A group of activists, including Daniel Ellsberg – the official who leaked the Pentagon papers about the Vietnam war – and former New York Times journalist Chris Hedges have gone to court to get the language of the NDAA changed. On Wednesday an appeals court in New York heard arguments in the case and is set to render a judgment in the coming months.

Now Moore has come out swinging against the NDAA, too, saying that the White House is embarking on a plan to scrap vital civil rights that should concern every American citizen – despite a relative lack of publicity about the case. “At the moment a lot of people think the NDAA does not look scary. But this sort of thing never looks scary at the start. But the American people will rue the day if they do not stop this,” he told the Guardian in an interview.

Michael Moore asks citizens to stand up to Obama on civil liberties issue | World news |

Obama is planning to disarm American citizens, and have legal authority to jail and kill them at his pleasure. He also is working to bypass Congress and the courts, and do everything by executive order.

You would have to be willfully blind to not see what he is doing and where he is headed.


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18 Responses to The World Changes

  1. Good to see Michael Moore regaining his common sense.

  2. CB says:

    You’re so cute when you are being mindlessly naive.

    Which part of ‘manipulate’ do you not understand. It is highly classical of the hippies to act out both sides of the argument: that way they can maintain control, and fuel the whole: “hey man, we CAN talk about issues!” bull-excrement.

    It is important to realize that people like Moore are, simply put, utter liars. Once you have grasped that datum, all else follows.

    There are so very many quotes by various radicals that promulgate this technique: it’s like really old-school by now, dude.

      • CB says:


        Think of the Dems and the GOP working in tandem to pass some given law: often the Dems pass it, the GOP would pretend to oppose it, fail, and after a little while everyone will forget about it. Until the time comes to ratchet the law up a bit more. Rinse and repeat.

        There is a technique con-people use as well: have one con befriend the target, so when the other then presents the con, the new friend can ‘help’ the target consider what to do: what measures to take to be ‘safe’ being the classical example.

        I did a quick look, but cannot find something by radicals right now: but I’ve read about this. The Chinese do it as part of their ‘re-education’, those hippies who worked at remaking the education system did it to, etc etc etc.

        Think of the enemy inside the gates, and what such a person can practically get away with, and why, and you got it.

      • I don’t see any reason to believe that he is being insincere. He is not a very nuanced person.

      • CB says:

        Is Moore despised because he is an honest hippie activist, or because he is an extremely dishonest hippie activist?

        Beloved-guru-hippies do not gain that status by not being ‘nuanced’. In any case, ‘Getting involved to help shape the dialogue’ requires very little nuance.

      • I dislike him because he is normally outspoken and wrong. Now he is being outspoken and sensible.

      • CB says:

        I am somewhat stumped here.

        Tell me: what is the one, single, advantage the hippies of the sixties
        (onwards) had? What one, single, thing let them take over the USA (gov, education, etc etc), the UN, the EU, the UK…?

        They LIED. Not only did they tell lies, they ACTED lies: joining some workgroup on X, with the single-minded goal of achieving Y.

        Deception. Manipulation.

        Just what do you think hippie activism IS in practice? HOW do their activists realize their goals?

        People like Moore are LIARS, Steven. It is is their bread and butter. It is how they do what they do. It is what they do.

        They are the children of the professors who are in turn the children of Niche: seeing themselves as beyond morals.

        If you cannot see this, then you actually are mindlessly naive. Go have a drink with Hall.

      • We are all in this together. We have a coup occurring in the US, and everyone on all sides of the political spectrum have to work together to stop it.

      • Ben says:

        RE: He is not a very nuanced person.

        May I enhance your point? Michael Moore shows up at Occupy and attempts to rail against the 1%.

        Hilarity ensues…

  3. Andy DC says:

    If Obama ever kills someone on a whim or just because he doesn’t like someone, we are all in big trouble. But even conservatives would probably agree that if he killls Jihadists who are out to destroy us, that is not a bad thing.

    • That is exactly the sort of thinking that he is counting on. We have laws on the books for warfare, and there is absolutely no reason to let Obama go rogue. Should police be able to kill suspected gang members because they might be a threat?

  4. Luke of the D says:

    I agree Mr. Goddard, everyone deserves a trial… even terrorists. But only if they can be captured without the loss of soldiers or other Americans… if that, Mr. Andy DC, is what you mean by “killls Jihadists who are out to destroy us” is what you actually mean. But by all accounts Awalki (sp) was driving down the road when an unmanned aerial vehicle blew him to smithereens… couldn’t he have been captured and tried then sentenced? Remember, he was not found guilty by his peers – which is a Constitutional right – so he was not guilty of a crime… I don’t care what he did or said. He was a suspect. Anyway, I’m not trying to defend the guy… just saying everyone deserves to defend themselves in court.

    • How about Osama? He could have easily been taken alive. We have no idea what Obama is up to.

      • Luke of the D says:

        Absolutely, Mr. Goddard. There was no reason to kill Osama. None. He was not tried. He was not convicted. No evidence was presented. I don’t care what anyone in the media or government says he said or did, I have not seen one shred of evidence he actually committed a crime. He said a lot and likely was guilty and, I know, he was not a citizen – don’t get me wrong, I understand he arguably was an “enemy combatant” or whatever – but he was not tried or found guilty. No one deserves to be assassinated by the government. No one. Even Saddam Husain had a trial before he was executed and he killed thousands more than Osama ever did.

  5. Luke of the D says:

    I just realized I was way off topic in my last post, sorry about that. Anyway, concerning Moore… God I cannot stand that fat-bafoon… sad that he’s from the D as well, but of course there are many others from the D whom I don’t want to claim either… but he actually is speaking common sense for once. Amazing.

  6. I thought Moore’s doco on gun control was suitably ambivalent. He didn’t come out and just say guns are bad, all problems will be solved if they are banned. I can’t wait for his doco on the obesity epidemic and who is to blame for that. I’m putting my money on George W. Bush.

  7. gofer says:

    According to Brennan, one of these is repehensible:

    1. Wiping out people with drones.
    2. Waterboarding

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