LAPD About To Gun Down A Hiker At Big Bear

Los Angeles finest have already taken out a couple of women and the driver of another car. Now they are going after a hiker in the mountains.

Authorities in Big Bear have spotted fresh tracks believed to be those of a fugitive ex-Los Angeles police officer wanted in connection with a series of shootings and are combing the area for him, a Fire Department official told The Times.

Ex-cop manhunt: Fresh tracks found in Big Bear snow –


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7 Responses to LAPD About To Gun Down A Hiker At Big Bear

  1. phodges says:

    Well, if you make it through his entire “manifesto”, he loves Obama, endorses Hillary in 2016, is rabidly pro-gun control and hates LaPierre and the NRA.

    He says deport Fareed Zakaria, and give Piers Morgan his green card, NOW!

    Oh, and he digs Michelle’s new ‘bangs.

  2. gofer says:

    What kind of twisted thinking makes a person go on a killing spree thinking it’s going to clear his name? The whole manifesto is meant to elicit an emotional response of getting people to feel sorry for him and he talks about honor and courage and painting a picture of him being such a good guy trampled by the “system.”

  3. hannuko says:

    Quote from his manifesto:

    “If you had a well regulated AWB, this would not happen. The time is now to reinstitute a ban that will save lives. Why does any sportsman need a 30 round magazine for hunting? … All the firearms utilized in my activities are registered to me and were legally purchased at gun stores and private party transfers. All concealable weapons (pistols) were also legally register in my name at police stations or FFL’s. … I can buy any firearm I want … I’m not even a resident of the state i purchased them in. … NFA and ATF need new laws and policies that do not allow loopholes such as this. In the end, I hope that you will realize that the small arms I utilize should not be accessed with the ease that I obtained them. … No more Virginia Tech, Columbine HS, Wisconsin temple, Aurora theatre, Portland malls, Tucson rally, Newtown Sandy Hook. Whether by executive order or thru a bi-partisan congress an assault weapons ban needs to be re-instituted. Period!!!”

    So basically this guy kills people to get a gun ban in the US? I guess it’s best to do as he says.

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    It’s your own drug war causing traumatic burnout, CON-servatives! Cops are out gunned. Drug dealers sideline as pimps so not just money corrupts, but sex too. So you try to ban abortion as a solution to your own lack of self-awareness. It’s highly amusing, watching it from afar in the safest city in America, nuclear powered and oh so practical.

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