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1.6 Billion Rounds For America

Obama has given five rounds of ammunition for every person in the US, plus 7,000 fully automatic rifles, to his cabinet level para-military operation . What could go wrong? Advertisements

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FBI statistics show that the vast majority of gun crime in the US occurs in precincts which vote heavily for Obama, and where Obamaphones are prevalent. The proves that the solution to gun crime in the US is to ban Obama from … Continue reading

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Obama Jobs Plan Explained

Obama is keeping unemployment high – in order to save the planet. A new report published by a liberal think tank offers an intriguing solution to the problem of global warming: work less, and carbon emissions will be reduced. More … Continue reading

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Air Force One Arrives For A Golfing Weekend In Greenland

Obama is taking the weekend off from his usual skeet shooting, to try out the greens in Greenland this weekend. He feels devastated by the melting going on at minus 51 degrees, and plans to address it in his state of the … Continue reading

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Successful Weapons Ban

During the years following the 1938 gun ban in Germany, the crime rate among Jews dropped to almost zero. Middlesboro Daily News – Nov 12, 1938

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People Used To Be Much Healthier

I heard this story on NPR the other night. Baby boomers have a reputation for being addicted to exercise and obsessed with eating well. But that story didn’t jibe with what physician Dana E. King and his colleagues see walking … Continue reading

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You Can Trust The Socialist Government With Homeland Security

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