An Experiment With The Big Lie In The Internet Age

Our governments are attempting to push 1984 style lies on us, in everything from climate to Constitutional rights. They have the full complicity of newspapers and television networks.

But the big enemy of the Ministry of Truth is the Internet. Educated people spend more time on the Internet than they do watching television. A large percentage of Obama voters are poor uneducated people who have limited access to the Internet, and are easy to brainwash. Many are illiterate and vote more than once per election. That is why Democrats have been dumbing down the educational system for two generations.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Information is the key to keeping the tyrants at bay.


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4 Responses to An Experiment With The Big Lie In The Internet Age

  1. duby says:

    That picture turns my stomach

  2. hpjunior says:

    Some wag on the Internet referred to the media people as “presstitutes,” which I found pretty delightful. My name for the (formerly) big three networks, along with the NY Times and co-conspirators, is (drum roll, please) — The Pull-My-Legacy Media.

    These people — both the ruling political class and the media — are reprehensible pond scum. These putative journalists have no intent to actually do the work their titles imply. They’ve become, as Rush calls them, “the state-run media,” and/or “the drive-by media.”

    You make so many critically important points on this site. Thank you ever so much.

  3. ntesdorf says:

    Two people in this picture make me feel ill when I look at them (briefly).

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