Democratic Heroes And Goats

Democrats think this guy is a hero, because he loves Obama and supports gun confiscation.

ScreenHunter_143 Feb. 09 13.43

Democrats hate this guy, because he speaks the truth about Obama’s policies and personal limitations.

ScreenHunter_142 Feb. 09 13.42

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14 Responses to Democratic Heroes And Goats

  1. gofer says:

    Dr. Carson grew up in inner city Detroit with a mother who had a third-grade education. This is the man who should be the hero to all communities. I suspect we will hear a lot about him and this will not please BO.

  2. Brian says:

    Btw, didn’t this guy say he was a fan of Bush Sr also?

  3. SMS says:

    Dr. Carson has the best “Smack Down” of Obama on Youtube. It’s 27 minutes of pure heaven.

  4. Keitho says:

    I only hear the liberal left banging on about race. Taking offence on behalf of minorities who seem to be largely untroubled.

    It seems to be a wedge topic for the left while conservatives just treat everyone much the same. I guess it’s a divide and rule thing for the left.

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