Projection From The Big Appell

One of David Appell’s hobbies seems to be coming over here and spamming that I am a “coward” for posting under a pen name.

I have a different definition of cowardice – going along with the big lie because it is safe and profitable. That is the ultimate cowardice, and is what keeps the climate change scam alive.

In case you were wondering what I was doing in Sandy Hook, Connecticut during February/March 2011, there is a story behind that. I attended an EU sponsored global warming discussion in Lisbon at the end of January 2011, and upon returning to Fort Collins was immediately fired by my employer of five years – with no severance pay. The reasons they gave me were completely contrived and nonsensical. I appealed to the state unemployment board and was granted unemployment coverage, because they agreed that the termination was not justified.

But I have no taste for being on the government dole, so I took a contract job in Sandy Hook, Connecticut and later one in Columbia, Maryland. I would have made more money in 2011 collecting unemployment, but that is not in my nature,

Telling the truth carries a lot of risk, so cowards hide their dishonesty behind academia and peer-review.

One more thing – February, 2011 was when I discovered that there is no money in the pot for climate skeptics.

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52 Responses to Projection From The Big Appell

  1. Me says:

    Maybe someone saw that temp tatoo you posted on here??????

  2. omnologos says:

    It would be so easy for conspiracy-theorist greenies to uncover The Truth about us evil skeptic. All they’d have to do is pretend be a skeptic, then see the flow of money come in from Exxon or the Koch Brothers, then post online the evidence of the corrupt machinations.

    I have a feeling some of them have tried already, only to discover that THERE IS NO MONEY IN THE POT FOR CLIMATE SKEPTICS.

    Alarmists and pretend-alarmists on the other hand can enjoy whole careers made out of printing money and awards out of hot air. Just look at John Cook’s “professional” history.

  3. suyts says:

    Steve, I remember when you went to Lisbon and the brief moment of unemployment, and the most unfortunate web change in search of money for skeptics. I really wish you would have found that pot of gold. At the moment, I could use some myself. It’s interesting. I had to fight, (and won) for an unemployment judgement myself, though I’m not sure if I was fired for my political views or not.

    • Me says:

      Chances are???

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      With a scientific background, you guys should try what I’m doing. I’m a free agent…. a contract hire. The market for your abilities is International, but many locations in the US. Significant pay, few bennies. ~150K is commonplace. 401K (no match), medical available, but you pay for it. 1 week vacay. And roughly half your pay is tax free the first year at any location. There are specific locations that are always hiring, so limited somewhat in that way. But many locations to choose from. If you have creds in IT or Stress Analysis, it’s even better. Steve knows my email. Write me there, I’ll explain more.

      • Me says:

        Not interested. it does Me or any of my family any good, not that it is good now.

      • Me says:

        The only thing that pays the bills is an economy that works. And when everyone else sees that we will be better off, because more people will be woking. Work creates money, money pays for services everyone enjoys and the taxes that pays for them services too.

      • suyts says:

        TIC…… sounds interesting. I’d like to hear more. Why don’t you comment on my blog and then I’ll have your addy. I think you have in the past, but it would be a pain to hunt it down. I am, by trade and education, an IT guy.

      • Me says:

        What I meant was the taxes on everything that is above and under that work pays for them services too. But i guess that isn’t enough and look at the mess everyone is in.

      • Traitor In Chief says:

        I made a comment there Suyts. Me, I could not agree more. I want everyone to do well. I want to see the country thrive. I want to see everyone doing well. I see the current regime as a saboteur, comprised of the most base, criminal element. I think the future may hold terrible things. I wish the military would step forward and take control….but only if it were the right element. The left has minions there also.

  4. Andy DC says:

    It is always far braver to swim against the tide than with it. Nothing particularly courageous about following the herd. I am sorry your employers were such pricks. I have worked for my share, too.

  5. Andy OZ says:

    “Truth carries risk”. Damn straight Stephen. Keep up the fight.

    It’s easy to follow the herd and not think for yourself. But the herd gets eaten. By those who are lying to them. It’s much more of a challenge to go your own way, decide for yourself and challenge those who think they have authority over you. They don’t.

    Success comes from thinking differently and doing things differently.
    Many physicists, chemists, and other scientists are amazing people. It seems to me there are a very small bunch who have a over inflated egos and, like Lance Armstrong, can almost never tell the truth. Anyone who works with these people either agrees blindly or pays the price.

    I’ve personally seen that attitude many times in my line of business. Inevitably all these people fail spectacularly and cost the jobs and life savings of all the good people working for them.
    It’s the nice people who win long term, because good people stay and contribute to the success.

  6. tckev says:

    When asked why are you here (at this blog)?
    David Appell says – β€œI’m here to prove idiots like you wrong.” and goes on to pontificate that his version of science is real and true.
    But to the dispassionate reader of these blogs I contend that Mr. Appell is wrong. It appears that he comes here because he has a deep psychological need to dispel his feeling of inadequacy. His protests amount to childish cries of β€œmy science is better than yours!” or β€œI do harder math than you can!” that school room bullies employ to try and prove how good they are, but actually show how empty they are.
    All in all he sounds suspiciously like he has a psychological inadequacy requiring that he must come here to feel worthy by bullying those he perceives as less able than himself.
    A very sad person.

    • omnologos says:

      Appell cannot be right.

      All he does is to parrot whatever he believes to be science (i.e. the most conformist papers). Occasionally, those are right. Often, those are wrong. In both cases, the correctness of the statements (or lack thereof) is with the papers, not with the parrot.

      • tckev says:

        I agree. I find it strange that his stated need to comment at this blog is β€œI’m here to prove idiots like you wrong.” but then through bluster and faux indignation fails to convey any insight on any subject.
        He does indeed parrot others but there never appears to be true understanding or a wider view of the subject. He voices a rant not unlike a 12 year old that can recite the first 50 elements of the periodic table, he knows not that there is more, he fails to understand why this arrangement of elements is important.

    • squid2112 says:

      I actually rather feel sorry for Mr. Appell, as it has become quite clear to me that he has some psychological and social issues. He has an obvious unquenchable thirst for attention. He selectively chooses to be combative because it generates the most attention for him. He also has inadequacy complex. For a year I worked with a guy very similar to Appell. Heck, Appell could very well be the guy I worked with. I got to know this sort of behavior quite well. It is very self destructive. I don’t understand this sort of behavior at all. I guess I should have taken more psychology courses in college.

    • sunsettommy says:

      When I asked him several times why he is here when he has a PH.D and past good science based employment background and yet post comments like an immature man who can’t make coherent rational comments to us.

      His reply was the now well quoted:

      β€œI’m here to prove idiots like you wrong.”

      But he does such a poor job of it with his weak comments he post here.

      I wonder if he is another victim of the progressive liberal ideology that seems to make people lose a lot of their capacity to make rational thoughts and devolve into the emotional instead.

      • tckev says:

        Yes it was your very questions that got me interested in his motives.
        I took some time to look-up his past comments and his blog. Both only show that his ego is driving him on, in some unsatisfied way.
        He has made comments to me before that he wants fame and fortune from his ‘scientific’ work. He will be sadly disappointed, I feel, when he finds that he does not have the talent to see the bigger picture, something all truly great scientist are capable of.

  7. I have gone down a different path than anyone, and don’t really fit in anywhere any more. My epochal discoveries, coming outside of any professional paid employment or institutional framework, open the door to the next scientific paradigm–overturning the “undirected physical evolution” paradigm under which all the earth and life sciences now operate–but they require the fundamental re-thinking of every current theory of the origin and development of our world. I know, as no one else does, that there are no scientific experts any more. Who could believe that, if they hadn’t done the hard research and found it for themselves? The answer, I have found over the last 10 years, is almost no one–certainly no academics, or happily-employed fellow scientists. (My own circumstances are, unsurprisingly, most limited, and dangerously precarious now–but I can only tell the truth, whether anyone wants to buy it or not.)

    Mankind is being tested as never before (and who would believe that, not knowing what I know?), just at the time I am trying to make known revolutionary new knowledge about the origins of man on Earth. Of course, that is far too great a coincidence for the two to be unconnected. So, by the very recalcitrance of scientists to my claims and the veritable avalanche of incompetence I am seeing, in such fields as climate science, I also know mankind is being tested, as never before, by old dogmas that go all the way back to those hidden origins (and cannot be defeated without a knowledge of those quite specific, quite precise origins)–dogmas that originated in the Great Design of the “gods” (for, again, who could believe that the earliest creation myths and a world of ancient religious obsessions and pronouncements, of seemingly insane “sacred truths”, were the misunderstood shards of knowledge of the Great Design–who but me, who verified that design through the smallest, and precise, details of those ancient obsessions, those undying traditions cast as “tall tales” of myth?)

  8. miked1947 says:

    I recall your attending that “Conference”! You have every right to keep a separate identity for your web presence. Names are just how you are known by others. The name does not change what you know or what you have experienced. Being retired I have no need for that degree of anonymity any longer. When I was working, the rules I was required to follow were stricter that many other professions and ruled out outside discussions of this sort, as discovery resulted in termination for some co-workers that participated. It was against the rules of conduct agreement we had signed as part of our contract.

  9. Lance says:

    yes, i recall that time period also…good for you for digging in your heals and standing pat.
    Been ‘downsized’, ‘fired’, ’employment adjusted’ twice in my career, and not the nicest feeling to go home and tell your wife (and initially not your young children) that you don’t need to go into work tomorrow since i have none …not the greatest feeling.

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