Vermont Twit Can’t Give It A Rest

McKitten spent all last winter blaming the lack of snow in Vermont on global warming, and this winter he is blaming the heavy snow on global warming.

ScreenHunter_148 Feb. 09 16.20

Apparently some years warm air has too much moisture, and other years warm air has too little moisture.

When McKitten visited the Wizard of Oz and complained of not having a brain, the Wizard handed him this diploma.

ScreenHunter_150 Feb. 09 16.25

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5 Responses to Vermont Twit Can’t Give It A Rest

  1. scizzorbill says:

    I love this guy. No matter what happens, he is always right. The dude is batting 1000 in liberalLandia.

    • I know, I live in Vt. and the legislators ask for his opinion. He is only an environmentalist, not a climatologist or a meteorologist. I call it the “Chicken-Little Syndrome” and it effects liberals. They are ruining this state being “Climate-Change Cheerleaders”. I made an observation when looking at the states that voted democrat, they are all of the west coast, and a good deal of the east coast, so you can blame the pollution and garbage in the ocean on them. They also tend to cluster, creating urban areas, crowd themselves and their high density creates the cesspools they reside in. Republicans like there space and don’t see a problem with overcrowding. Unfortunately this makes them weaker politically. Dems. are the proverbial “Squeaky Wheel”

  2. Justa Joe says:

    This guy is a self parody.

  3. Brian G Valentine says:

    I used to hope that some dirt would be exposed about people like this (e.g. grope unsuspecting women in a motel room and demand they do filthy things)

    – but we learn from Al Gore that exposing dirt about these people doesn’t shut them up. I don’t know what it takes.

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