Climate Disruption In The UK

Snowfall expected as forecasters predict cold snap will last until March

Snowfall will cause disruption across the country, the Met Office has warned, with freezing temperatures expected to last through the half term into March.

Snowfall expected as forecasters predict cold snap will last until March – Telegraph

Children will only have the experience of virtual warmth.


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33 Responses to Climate Disruption In The UK

  1. Me says:

    So just about when winter is supposed to end, who would have thunk it!!!!! 😆

  2. Mike says:

    Everything is global warming, the science is settled.

    The UK is experiencing a new type of a warmer milder winter, as predicted by the climate modelers. The signal is there, just needs separating from the data, if you subtract enough of the global warming cold, you will find the heat! Also, the early daffodils from the heated poly tunnels in Holland must also back up the climate alarmists case!

    The horse meat scandal was also caused by global warming, wild horses moving east toward Romania, avoiding a warming UK were diligently stopped by Romanian customs officials, slaughtered and returned to France. How many more horses must die because of global warming?

  3. Andy OZ says:
    Snow is causing a much more serious controversy in France than in the UK!!
    I think Miss Lorphelin has probably raised the global temperature a few degrees!!

  4. Billy Liar says:

    That does it! Whatever the UKMO forecasts, the opposite happens. Lookout for a warm dry end to February in the UK and more warmth in March.


  5. Brian G Valentine says:

    Give the British credit. Two years ago, the Met office promised a “warm winter,” the Government reduced their natural gas contracts, people froze.

    They didn’t repeat the scenario this year, anyway.

    And Prince Charles and East Anglia University idiots haven’t been cheering turkeys to make suicidal Polar expeditions to “prove the Arctic is melting.”

    So they’re doing better.

    • Dave N says:

      “And Prince Charles and East Anglia University idiots haven’t been cheering turkeys to make suicidal Polar expeditions to “prove the Arctic is melting.””

      Instead they ride kayaks along the coast of Alaska and bill them as “ride to the North Pole” expeditions. They probably would have had more success (as in accuracy) on bicycles.

  6. Drewski says:

    And now back to reality.

    Globally, January 2013 was the second warmest January among the past 35, with an annual global average temperature that was 0.51 C (about 0.92 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than the 30-year baseline average, according to Dr. John Christy, a professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. January 2010 was the warmest January, while January 1998 is now pushed to third warmest.

    Said Dr. Roy Spencer: “Due to the rather large 1-month increase in the temperature anomaly, I double checked the computations, and found that multiple satellites (NOAA-15, NOAA-18, and Aqua) all saw approximately equal levels of warming versus a year ago (January, 2012), so for now I’m accepting the results as real.”

    • Fascinating single data point. The trend is down over the last decade.

      • Drewski says:

        I agree, it IS a fascinating data point. Certainly, a 0.51C GLOBAL temperature anomaly is more fascinating than the weather in a very small part of the globe. especially when it comes on the heels of the hottest decade in recorded history.

      • According to ice core records, temperatures vary +/- 2C constantly, so 0.51C is completely in the noise.

      • Drewski says:

        Using ice cores to track of monthly temperature anomalies? That is beyond fascinating.

      • Only an imbecile would wet his pants over a monthly temperature anomaly.

      • Drewski says:

        And only genius would allege that snow in are of less than 0.1 of the earth has much relevance to the coverall climate.

      • Earth is a single point

      • Drewski says:

        I was confused by your nice winter graph, Steve, showing an upslope to northern hemisphere snow cover because it seems to contradict this paper:

        “Research shows between 1979 and 2012, June snow cover extent decreased by 17.6 percent per decade compared with the 1979–2000 average, allowing Earth to absorb more of the sun’s heat.

        In the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, snow typically covers the land surface for nine months each year. The snow serves as a reservoir of water and a reflector of the sun’s energy, but recent decades have witnessed significant changes in snow cover extent.

        The snow-cover study authors, Chris Derksen and Ross Brown, found an overall decline in snow cover from 1967 through 2012 and also detected an acceleration of snow loss after the year 2003. Between June 2008 and June 2012, North America experienced three record-low snow cover extents. In Eurasia, each successive June from 2008 to 2012 set a new record for the lowest snow cover extent yet recorded for that month”.

        But then I found ANOTHER graph and luckily it showed historical northern hemisphere snow cover for the WHOLE year:

        Unfortunately it doesn’t have an upslope like in your graph, however, it is a great “single point” example.

      • There you go. And most people don’t consider June to be part of the Northern Hemisphere winter.

      • Drewski says:

        And I would venture to say that most people would also not accept that winter in the northern hemisphere is an ” Earth single point”.

      • Almost all of Earth’s snowfall occurs in the northern hemisphere. You might want to look at a map sometime.

      • Drewski says:

        Thank you Steve, I will. And you may wish to look at a calendar sometime and note that winter is only 1/4 of the year.

      • Yes, winter is the quarter of the year when the snow falls.

      • Drewski says:

        You’re right absolutely, Steve — Winter in the northern hemisphere is when the snow falls.

        Except, of course, for those times when it falls in the Autumn or Spring (and even sometimes in Summer) or in the southern hemisphere.

      • Drewski says:

        Ha Brian.

        Fooled you — I live in the attic. But you are correct — I have to go (my turn to sit in the tree), But don’t worry, I will be back.

        Up, up and away.

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        When you’re up in the tree, don’t do anything foolish like hold up signs that say “I Hate Cops.”

        A drone might not have sympathy for your cause

      • Me says:

        😆 Coolwhip is a funny something err another.

    • Andy OZ says:

      That’s the same Roy Spencer of the “Intelligent Design” believing crowd?

      • Drewski says:

        I think so. He is also famous for a decade’s worth of systemic error in the satellite temperature record which undervalued the true temperature. This is what prompted a lot of the distrust in land-based temperature readings. However, the problems were finally corrected and the satellite records now match up with the NOAA, NASA, BEST and Japan data sets.

    • Connecticut gets huge snowstorms in July.

      • Drewski says:

        Is this like bait? You throw out absurdities (see above) hoping a gator69 or a “me” or another luminati swim by, gobble it up and give you the chance to escape a losing argument?

      • It is called sarcasm – making fun of your silly comment.

      • Drewski says:

        I guess sarcasm is good when logic isn’t working. Certainly a lot better than insults.

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        Drewski (Andrew?) – It’s time to throw your Star Trek toys out, get a job, and move out of your mom’s basement.

        Sierra Club etc couldn’t survive if they didn’t have people like you around to bilk and “send your donations now.”

        Meaning there is no hope that such orgs will “just go away”

  7. Perry says:

    Looking smug as winter tyres are fitted to car. It’s not called High Wycombe for no good reason.

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