CRU Director : Climate Change Is Natural : “Nature doesn’t know what normal means”

Hansen says that we should destroy the economy to stabilize the climate. If he actually knew anything about climate, he would know that the climate has never been stable.

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Spokane Daily Chronicle – Google News Archive Search

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3 Responses to CRU Director : Climate Change Is Natural : “Nature doesn’t know what normal means”

  1. Andy OZ says:

    Where is Dr Hubert Lamb these days? The guy was a flipping genius.
    “Nature doesn’t know what normal means.”
    Truer words haven’t been spoken on this subject.

    From my old home town, Newcastle Australia. A couple of years ago there was a big storm from an ex-cyclone and a coal ship gets blown onto the beach. Nature doesn’t know normal.

    In 1974, (before CO2 started attacking the planet/sarc) when I was a kid in Newcastle we had a monster storm that did the same thing. The wind blew the Sygna onto Stockton Beach.
    Nature didn’t know normal then.

    Same year, 1974 on Christmas Day. My sister was living in Darwin when this happened.
    She survived by lying in a bathtub with her husband for about 8 hours while the rest of the house blew away.

    Nature doesn’t know normal.

    Normal is a figment of the AGW warmistas imagination.

    • Dave N says:

      “Where is Dr Hubert Lamb these days?”

      Lamb has been dead since 1997, but not before he recanted his evil global cooling ways and he switched to global warming after a (short-lived) drought in the UK in 1976. He became one of the forefathers of AGW.

      “The guy was a flipping genius”

      The only way in which he was a genius (if you can call it that) was to realize that there is much more funding in an AGW scare.

  2. David Joss says:

    Dave N, his obituary in the Independent suggests otherwise.
    ‘An irony is that, now the world is acutely aware of global climate change, Lamb had maintained a guarded attitude to the importance of greenhouse gas warming. Although many others have accepted this, he felt that there was too much reluctance to consider the full range of other, natural, causes of change. Right to the end of his life, he was promoting his “different view”.’

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