Obama To Officially Announce His Dictatorship Next Week

“You’re going to like what you hear,” White House aides have told green groups, according to an official at one environmental organization who expects the president to publicly commit to moving forward with EPA climate regulations.

“In past speeches, there was a lot of, ‘I call on Congress,’” the official added. “And what I’m expecting to see more of this time is, ‘This is what my administration is going to do.’

State of the Union 2013: On climate change, which Obama will show up Tuesday? – POLITICO.com

Obama is done with that pesky Constitution and Congress, and is planning to take personal control of the climate.  The press will of course cheer on his coup.

But this will put Tom Karl and James Hansen on the spot. Will they be asked to quit cheating with the temperature record, in order to make Obama’s climate coup look successful? These guys have spent almost 15 years jacking up temperatures, and it may be difficult for them to put the brakes on.


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2 Responses to Obama To Officially Announce His Dictatorship Next Week

  1. My college’s unofficial motto was “BOHICA”: “Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.”

    BOHICA, folks.

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