Remembering The Trauma Of December

During the week before Christmas I was subjected to the horrors of 80 degree weather in Baja California. It was a nightmare to see what global warming can do to a climate, and I am happy to be back in the wind, cold, ice and snow of Colorado.

Climate refugees are flocking from Phoenix to Winnipeg as we speak. Human beings simply can not tolerate warm weather.


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2 Responses to Remembering The Trauma Of December

  1. Lance says:

    Steve,….do you mean i got it wrong? I bought in Phoenix last fall to escape the cold of Calgary…how silly of me…I should have bought up in Yellowknife…

    • Andy DC says:

      You must desperately miss that bracing global cooling winter up in Alert back in 1979. Why not move the family up there? An igloo is much cheaper than a house in Phoenix anyhow!

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