War And Peas

During the 1990s, Clinton was happy to starve half a million Iraqi children to death over Saddam’s WMDs. But as soon as Bush took office, Dems determined that Iraq didn’t have any WMDs.

Bush then declared a war on terror, which Dems said was fake. Now that Obama is president, Dems are perfectly happy to have Obama killing Americans as part of the war on terror.

Dems used to worry about unreasonable search and seizure, now they demand it. Dems used to question authority – but they consider it terrorism to question or doubt Obama.

Bottom line is that Dems have their heads so far up Obama’s ass that their kneepads are falling off.


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6 Responses to War And Peas

  1. halberst2013 says:

    As for WMD’s didn’t Iraq turn out NOT to have any, yet W insisted they did ( http://goo.gl/xU1J3 ?)

    • Clinton’s secretary of state

    • Greg Locke says:

      The Iraqi military used chemical weapons against the Iranians during the Iraq/Iran war, and against the Kurds on several occasions. Exactly how is it that “they didn’t have any.”

      Progressives believe what they want, make stuff up and then insist it is truth. Orwell would be proud.

  2. phodges says:

    You have successfully illustrated that there is absolute continuity in policy between parties.

    There is only one party: the War and Debt party.

  3. PhilJourdan says:

    The “anti-establishment” is now the “establishment”. All that it proves is their hypocrisy.

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