Is Obama Culpable For Sandy?

Obama is going to announce this week that he is taking control of the weather. This is exciting news, because it means that the weather moving forward will always be like it was in 1927.

But it begs the question – why didn’t he take control of the weather last year and stop Sandy?

screenhunter 01 jul 22 20 11


29 Jan 1927 – Drought and Flood.

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5 Responses to Is Obama Culpable For Sandy?

  1. Hopefully Obama does a better job keeping track of all of his data than Ban-Ki-Moon did at the UN: Otherwise, how would he know when he fixed it?

  2. gator69 says:

    It’s been done…

    • Sundance says:

      Excellent Gator69.

      If Obama backs the plan to kill camels as part of his weather control, it will be ‘Camel Lot’. 😉

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    The “roaring twenties.”
    What it was was the roar of the wind, and the tornadoes, and hurricanes. Funny how the agw proponents and the leftist MSM and the ductile populace seems to be all in a tizzy about how agw is causing the weather to go insane, when, in true Orwellian irony, the weather has actually been in a period of unusual calm over the last two decades. A JoNova commenter suggested that time and the leveler of the internet will ultimately defeat the warmists and their faulty science. Ace gave an excellent albeit pessimistic response:

    No mate that wont work. We are already seeing how a generation of new spawn has reached voting age who actually believe there was no bad weather before man broke the planet. There is no way evidence or anything factual will ever defeat this ideology. Either we wait until this fagged out, pathetic society (Western idiocracy) has finally been buried by the sensible folk of China and India (I regard them as the inheritors of everything good the West achieved) or some nasty shit is going to have to hit the fan. -Ace

  4. I don’t see any Congressional investigation into Obama’s big lie to the victims of Sandy, that “We will be here” until it is all fixed. Actually, Sandy and its continuing aftermath is probably a fair preview of what Obamacare is going to feel like for all of us, into the foreseeable future.

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