GISS Web Site Has Been Down For Nearly A Month

Many documents and all interactive features are still unavailable.

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15 Responses to GISS Web Site Has Been Down For Nearly A Month

  1. roger says:

    O/T but has another satelite gone tits up?
    Other sources show no such drop.

  2. Ray says:

    Which URL are you using?

    This one works for me:

    Data here:

    They were down for a week or so but have been working for a while.

    Maybe what you are seeing is a cached version?

  3. sunsettommy says:


    I can tell you that it does not take a month to fix a technical problem with a server.Not only that they can just try another server if the current one not getting it fixed within 3 days time as it would be the case 99.99% of the time.

    I think GISS is deliberately blocking the access and hoping we are too dumb to fall for their excuses.

    • squid2112 says:

      We operate within 5-9’s … that is .. 99.999990% up-time. This is standard industry practice for any high visibility or mission critical system.

    • RealOldOne2 says:

      I agree sunset, the “technical problems with the GISS webserver” for a month now does seem a little disingenuous. If they were a private for-profit business, they’d be out-of-business by now. There is no excuse for it taking this long to fix whatever technical problem existed.
      Also, I noticed that prior to it going down, when you accessed the station data in table form, the data only went to 2006 or 2007.

    • tckev says:

      Can’t find anyone at GISS with the technical knowledge to repair the fault.

  4. Pathway says:

    It takes time to alter the data.

  5. All the publications seem to be behind a paywall too. They used to bge accessible on line.

  6. Maybe they’re snowed under at work?

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