Has Anyone Ever Praised Timothy McVeigh?

Lefties love Droner, because he is living their dream of murder, hatred and chaos. Then they hide behind some psycho named Timothy McVeigh.

Everybody hates McVeigh. Conservatives don’t praise criminals because they profess to share some of the same beliefs.

Lefties just need to admit that they are sociopaths, and quit trying to pretend that their mental illness extends to other groups.


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7 Responses to Has Anyone Ever Praised Timothy McVeigh?

  1. gator69 says:

    McVeigh was no conservative, he was an atheist who hated the United States. Lefties should love him.

  2. Keitho says:

    The trouble with sociopaths is that they aren’t, generally, very bright. In spite of that they have the unending desire to prescribe for us all because sociopaths love control.

    • Andy OZ says:

      That explains Droner, Washington and the White House, but not Wall Street. Those guys are exceptionally bright and most are exceptionally sociopathic (I’m generalising there). Parliament House, Canberra in Australia is also chock-a-block with not very bright sociopaths. Next election, Australia might do something about that.

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