Weather Petition

President Obama will tell the nation tonight that he is taking charge of Earth’s future weather, and is no longer waiting for Congress to accept this responsibility.

I plan to submit a petition of essential weather requirements which the President needs to achieve. Here are some obvious ones – please add your contributions.

  1. No hurricanes
  2. No tornadoes
  3. No droughts
  4. No floods
  5. Just the right amount of snow every day

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9 Responses to Weather Petition

  1. LLAP says:

    6. No heatwaves
    7. No deep-freezes

  2. kbray in california says:

    I’d also like him to slow the Earth’s rotation so I can sleep in a little longer every day.
    That would be nice.

  3. PhilJourdan says:

    5.Just the right amount of snow every day – in July and August – ice is scarce that time of year! And snow is the perfect element to cool a 6-pack in.

  4. B.C. says:

    Here in FL, we could use 72F temps and 40% RH during July and August. Please include these in your petition to The Omnipotent Won. Oh, and clouds that rain German beer (or Newcastle Ale) and don’t contain any lightning.

  5. Sunny and 75F for W/C 20th April, when we go to Scotland for a week.

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