Amazing Censorship At Huffington Post

I violated the TOU by presenting historical fact. My comment was censored, but I grabbed a screenshot first.

ScreenHunter_176 Feb. 12 17.11

‘Exxon Hates Your Children’ Ad To Air On Fox News Around State Of The Union (VIDEO)


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17 Responses to Amazing Censorship At Huffington Post

  1. The “entirely feasible” claim is also amusing. Business is business. If you can make money out of renewables instead of or in lieu of fossil fuels, you do both in order to open new markets. There isn’t a global conspiracy to stop the adoption of renewables any more than there was a conspiracy to kill off electric cars. Or even that famous engine design that ran on water. 😉

  2. Dave N says:

    How dare you show up a Huff Poo super loser like that??

    PS: all spelling above is intentional

  3. gator69 says:

    The Ministry of Truth has corrected the record. Commence the Re-education of the violator.

  4. Me says:

    Not surprising, keep up the good work Steven. 😆

  5. daveburton says:

    I just “fanned” you, so you’re up to 6 fans, now.

  6. Nothing new. My comment was facts but they didn’t like it.
    I get this message when I try to log in:
    “That email address has been permanently deleted …”

  7. PhilJourdan says:

    Ok Don Quixote. Keep flailing at those windmills. The only fact you really need to know about liberals is they are allergic to facts, and you violated rule #1- you forced them to view one.

  8. daveburton says:

    They deleted my comment, too. I was polite. All I said was,

    Hey, moderators, why did Steven Goddard’s polite & on-point reply to this get censored?

  9. Mad Hatter says:

    Do not worry right wingers they also censor anything pro Palestine or Anti Israeli

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