Obama’s Fake Energy Crisis

North America has massive reserves of fuels. All that Obama needs to do is to get out of the way, but instead he proposes a new tax – which hurts every person in America.


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7 Responses to Obama’s Fake Energy Crisis

  1. squid2112 says:

    “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”

  2. NikFromNYC says:

    If the economy booms exponentially as nanotech merges with biology and robotics, government borrowing will cause inflation via money printing which will render this decade’s debt level as an absolute dollar value into a smaller % of GDP while providing pensions and senior citizen benefits in the present day. That is a profoundly optimistic policy outlook, one that a slim majority of voters believe is reasonable. That “poverty” in our modern day version of the Depression amounts to a bit slower iPhone upgrade cycles and lots of obesity instead of starvation makes claims of economic disaster rather debatable indeed.

    • NikFromNYC says:

      Lomborg’s strong case that contemporary panic to render everybody frugal in order to save future citizens from global warming is a tragic mistake due to the ongoing march of technological breakthroughs that makes the next century 100X or 1000X as rich as the one before? That theory also applies to contemporary panic to render everybody frugal to save future citizens from the “debt crisis.”

    • NikFromNYC says:

      “A group of billionaires and former NASA scientists is now unveiling the first asteroid mining company in history. They claim they will “add trillions of dollars to the global GDP” and “help ensure humanity’s prosperity” by mining asteroids for rare metals like gold and platinum.”

  3. benfrommo says:

    Obama is just a fascist. Like everyone else who has power and tries to impose his will on others, he says the following in “cute, friendly talk”:

    “If Congress will not impose my will on the people, I will impose my will on the people myself! Cheer for the loss of your freedom now my “fellow” Americans…

  4. gator69 says:

    “MONROEVILLE, PA—While watching President Obama’s annual televised address to Congress Tuesday night, local man Daniel Markell, 46, reportedly let out a sigh of relief upon hearing the president announce that the state of the union is strong. “Oh, good,” said Markell, who switched off his television and relaxed in his seat immediately after President Obama delivered the good news. “That’s nice to know.” At press time, sources had confirmed that Markell is five months behind on mortgage payments and will soon need to undergo a costly heart surgery that his insurance does not cover.”


    For you humorless leftists, this is called “Satire”.

  5. NikFromNYC says:

    Republicans are now fully sophisticated about the global warming fraud and are today on Fox News giving tens of millions of people a sense of perspective:

    “America is a country not a planet.” – Marc Rubio

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