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More Detail On The USHCN TOBS Cheat

Disclaimer : I have no reason to believe that any of USHCN’s adjustments are legitimate. This image just shows how they have increased the amount of TOBS cheating they are doing between V1 and V2. Up until 1950, V1 (black) … Continue reading

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USHCN – Busted!

I just noticed a huge USHCN screw up. This is from the USHCN2 docs. ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/ushcn/v2/monthly/menne-etal2009.pdf They say that the USHCN2 TOBS is about the same as the USHCN1 TOBS. Now check out the USHCN1 docs. ts.ushcn_anom25_diffs_pg.gif (650×502) USHCN1 shows a … Continue reading


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Climate Refugees Fleeing From California To Texas

Austin seeing interest from California companies ‘double or triple,’ chamber says California tax changes said to prompt businesses to ask about relocating Austin seeing interest from California companies ‘double or… | http://www.statesman.com The purpose of the Berlin Wall was to … Continue reading

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Police Chief Wants Citizens As ‘Reserve Force’ To Defend Against Feds

I recently ran across Police Chief Mark Kessler of the Gilberton Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania. He wants citizens to join with his police department in building a “reserve force” that will aid his police force should the need arise … Continue reading

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Actually, I Am Freezing My Ass Off

This woman is obviously not a skier. The planet is getting warmer. I can feel it, you can feel it, and the winter tourism industry can definitely feel it. At 55.3 degrees Fahrenheit, last year marked the hottest year on … Continue reading

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Dems Trying To Confiscate Guns

Obama and Biden keep saying that they aren’t confiscating guns – because that is exactly what they are trying to do. 4. Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault … Continue reading

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MSM Claims Another Victim

PatN writes : We saw all two of the people of color at the Repuglican convention this past summer. He/she must have been watching MSNBC MSNBC abandons GOP convention during every speech by a minority One of the left’s favorite attacks … Continue reading

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Criminal Referral Of Peter Gleick

The report, presented to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois, asked the government to prosecute Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick, a prominent climate scientist and environmental activist.  Several presentations based on information contained in this document … Continue reading

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New York Times Says That Droughts Used To Be Rare

Hundred-Year Forecast: Drought By CHRISTOPHER R. SCHWALM, CHRISTOPHER A. WILLIAMS and KEVIN SCHAEFER Published: August 11, 2012 BY many measurements, this summer’s drought is one for the record books. But so was last year’s drought in the South Central states. … Continue reading

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Another Newbie Conspiracy Theorist

chris writes : Really Steve Goddard. Who are you? What are your qualifications, other than having a chip on your shoulder? Why do you have no such information listed? Usually, when one goes to the ABOUT section one finds information … Continue reading

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