Greenland Ice Sheet Temperatures Declining

Alarmists claim that the Greenland Ice Sheet is experiencing a massive meltdown, because of a few hours above freezing last summer. Below is a plot of daily maximum temperatures there over the last eight years.

Maximum temperatures have been declining, and average -24C.

ScreenHunter_36 Feb. 14 07.27History | Weather Underground

There is no meltdown occurring. Greenland is frozen solid.

ScreenHunter_37 Feb. 14 07.33



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7 Responses to Greenland Ice Sheet Temperatures Declining

  1. squid2112 says:

    Hey, looks like good golf weather today! … WOOHOO!

  2. Lance says:

    gonna have the first sunrise Golf Tournament soon! my old stomping grounds will see the sun for the first time next tuesday(80 degrees north)…for about 4 minutes!!! i recalled we had an outdoor BBQ that day!!

    • Andy DC says:

      Can I join you guys? Of course if we play in -41 weather, we had better heat our balls, both the golf ones and the other ones as well!

  3. Billy Liar says:

    It must have melted in 2005; there’s a temperature of 29C recorded on that graph and 27C in 2008.

    (I guess those are the ones missing the ‘-‘ sign – easy mistake to make but not for a computer)

    • ACR says:

      It looks like those temps in the high 20s occurred in the summer. That makes it unlikely that there was a missing ‘-‘ sign. Negative 29C would be an outlier in the summer even for Greenland.

  4. Stu Lindsey says:

    The political aspect of this global warming dwarfs common sense. The ice that is supposedly missing is being deposited on the other pole (antartic) at a higher than normal deposition. Look it up. The ice is just swapping poles.

  5. ozspeaksup says:

    hi Steven

    this in the gaurdian:-) Polar bears ‘may need to be fed by humans to survive’ Laurel aka ozspeaksup

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