Left Wing Conspiracy Theorists Back At It

The lefty nutcases are at it again

ScreenHunter_35 Feb. 14 07.14

Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks | Environment | guardian.co.uk

I wish I knew who these anonymous billionaires were, because I do this for free.

The EU just announced last week that they are spending $250 billion on “climate change”

BRUSSELS, Belgium, February 8, 2013 (ENS) – European heads of state and government have agreed to commit at least 20 percent of the entire European Union budget over the next seven years to climate-related spending.

The seven-year budget was agreed at 960 billion euros ($1.28 trillion).

Climate Gets 20 Percent of Seven-Year European Budget | Environment News Service

Even if Goldenberg’s idiotic conspiracy theory were true, that would mean that alarmists have a greater than 2000:1 money advantage over skeptics.

Why doesn’t she print these billionaire’s names, so that I can get some money from them?


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12 Responses to Left Wing Conspiracy Theorists Back At It

  1. Robertv says:

    This is not for you Steven. It’s for Anti Climate People and you’re not

  2. GeologyJim says:

    What exactly does one have to do to qualify as “anti-climate”?

    Might as well be anti-sunrise

    Morons or propagandists, they’re all the same

  3. higley7 says:

    WOW, this funding is SOOOOO secret that even the skeptics do not know about it! Now THAT’s secret!

    Skeptics are not anti-climate. We are anti-junk science, anti-global scam, anti-frabrication of data, anti-lying to the people, anti-taking things on faith just because they say so.

    We do not detectably influence climate except very locally. To pretend that we can control climate is arrogant and demonstrably designed to mislead the public into agreeing to measures and policies that are not in their best interest, at all. There is no science in the global warming by man claims; it’s a political agenda embodied in the UN’s Agenda 21.

  4. edcaryl says:

    Still waiting for that first check…

  5. gator69 says:

    I can’t wait to see the companion piece that will expose the “Tides Foundation”…

    “Tides is well-known for supporting environmental activist groups, including the Ruckus
    Society, whose members were caught up in violent protests at the 2000 Republican
    National Convention and riots in Seattle against the 2001 meeting of the World Trade
    Organization. Ruckus has multiple ties to Tides and its offshoots, and its funding from
    Tides includes almost $150,000 in grants from 2005-2010…

    In 2010 Tides made grants totaling $97 million, a decline from $105 million the previous
    year. It has supported groups engaged in anti-war protest, opposition to free trade,
    bans on fi rearms ownership, abolition of the death penalty, and advocacy for abortion
    rights and gay rights.4 It also makes grants overseas. About 1,000 of its 2010 grants
    went abroad to organizations in Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, Rwanda, France, Benin,
    Canada, Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, Great Britain, the Philippines, Guyana,
    Venezuela, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Mexico, China, and many other lands. Tides is also well-connected to ACORN, the network of community organizing groups whose run-ins with the law are responsible for its demise and rebirth under many new names. Wade Rathke, ACORN’s founder and “chief organizer,” was an original and longtime board member of the Tides Foundation. The most publicly embarrassing ACORN scandal involved Rathke’s covering up a
    nearly $1 million embezzlement committed by his brother Dale, ACORN’s chief financial
    officer, which led to his ouster at ACORN and Tides. The scandal intensified with the additional revelation that Pike personally contributed some $700,000 to cover the Rathke family’s ACORN “debt”.”


  6. Fred from Canuckistan . . . says:

    As reality imposes itself, as the sanity of data triumphs over the speculation of computer model outputs, as the make believe crisis fades away like pieces of falling sky, the Believers in the Great Glowball Warming Scam & Scheme will get ever more desperate and write ever more ridiculous stories.

    We can expect lots more of this kind of “journalism” from the legions of in the tank “reporters” as they try and square the circle of their enviro Gaia loving Religous beliefs.

    The good news . . . Excellent entertainment value.

  7. Justa Joe says:

    Ms. Goldenberg is one of THE MOST strident AGW/socialism propagandists out there, and that’s saying something. She also penned an apologia for Pete Gleik prior to Gleik’s limited admission of wrong doing. She’s all about defending AGW wrong doers while at the same time throwing out all manner of unsupportable accusations about skeptics. There is no aspect of the AGW agenda that Ms. Goldenberg isn’t 100% in support. She has no shame.

  8. PhilJourdan says:

    Nice ego on those folks. The “funneling” was on causes supported by conservatives. some of which MAY have included Climate Alarmism. However, the sources indicate they were very diverse. And only $120m? Geez! The right is starving! Does the Guardian even realize that over $1b was spent by EACH presidential candidate last year?

    They probably do, but it does not fit their narrative.

  9. Billy Liar says:

    Why don’t you ask Suzanne Goldenberg to put you in touch with some of these anonymous billionaires so that you can get your piece of the pie. As a careful journalist she must know who they are; I’m sure she’d understand. 🙂

  10. gofer says:

    $120 million dollars over nine years split over 100 organizations! Wow. The U.S. doled out around 9 Billion in ’12.

  11. I think the point of the article is that if you are wealthy and donate to a left wing or socialist or environmental group you are a hero. But if you donate to a conservative group of any sort, you are evil. So much for the clash of ideas.

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