Fond Memories From NSIDC

A few years ago, Walt Meier lectured me that excess Antarctic ice isn’t important to the climate – because it occurs during the winter when the sun is low.

Well …. Antarctic ice has been above normal for the past five seasons – including the last two summers.

This summer, we have excess ice well to the north of 60S – which has a significant impact on Earth’s SW radiative budget.

ScreenHunter_72 Feb. 15 09.14

S_daily_extent.png (420×500)

Contrast this with the alarmist obsession over Arctic September sea ice north of 80N – which has almost no impact on Earth’s SW radiative budget.

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4 Responses to Fond Memories From NSIDC

  1. Rosco says:

    Antarctica is completely surrounded by an enormous amount of water – circling the globe almost undisturbed by land to around 50 degrees S.

    If the oceans are being heated by CO2 in the atmosphere increasing sea ice in the antarctic ought to be an impossibility !

  2. Ben says:

    Just wait until that big piece breaks off. I claim Icelandia

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