MSNBC Interviews Sex And The City Climate Expert

Sex And The City actor and supporter of The Rain Forrest Network, Chris Noth, joined MSNBC’s Alex Wagner on Thursday

We need radical, radical decisions now,

Noth said that the weather is “not acting very nice” and people need to be more focused on the reasons behind severe weather events.

Angry Sex And The City Actor Chris Noth Trashes Obama On Climate Change: We Need ‘Radical Decisions Now’ | Mediaite

Morons holding a circle jerk with other morons.


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7 Responses to MSNBC Interviews Sex And The City Climate Expert

  1. gofer says:

    Anytime that somebody is experiencing bad weather, there are untold numbers of people around the globe experiencing ,what they would consider, perfect weather and rather no “radical” decisions be made. I’ve ran out of vocabulary a long time ago to describe these arrogant rent-seeking socialists who hide their real agendas behind phony un-scientific scams. These same slime-balls have been preaching about over-population for years and now they want us to believe that they want to “save” lives by stopping global warming. They want to keep 3rd world people “in their place” and are scared they might actually climb out of poverty and destroy the world by consuming all the resources they think belongs to them only. Slugs!

    I seriously doubt Noth has the faintiest idea what CO2 actually is and how it supposed to harm the planet. When is the last time you heard any of them mention water vapor?

  2. Clearly Steve fails to appreciate how extreme unpredictable precipitation events can risk hairstyling everywhere, and may endanger the suede skirt.

  3. Andy OZ says:

    Weather in Perth Western Australia today is definitely very well behaved and “acting nice”. I gave it a good talking to. (Do actors have frontal lobotomies or do they just blurt out anything to get on Entertainment Tonight?)

    Back to Perth: 36 degrees C, sunny, cloud free and absolutely gorgeous. Tonight will be around 20 deg C and a perfect evening for any nocturnal activities. If you haven’t been to Perth, your missing a great place. And when Autumn comes around in a few week, OMG, it is one of the best places to be – sunny days 25-30 deg C, cool evenings and nights and only the odd shower before the usual winter rains start in June. Population about 1.7 million, great beaches, great fishing, water sports, hunting if you like that, good roads. Only bad things are – bit expensive now with the mineral boom, lots of signs saying don’t do this and that, and Perth drivers can’t merge to save their lives. Still I chose to live here over all the other Australian cities and don’t regret it.

    PS Keep up the great work Steve.
    I love pricking the hot air balloons of the Australian Warmistas on various websites here, and your data is invaluable. If you ever need some stuff from the Aussie BOM, drop me line – I’ve been using it for quite a few years and it’s pretty accessible.

    • hannuko says:

      I have thought about moving to Australia or NZ when the current wave of unprecedented political stupidy* finally overwhelms Finland and we are bankrupted.

      Then I heard that you in some aspects even worse off than we are. We at least have a theoretical chance of getting rid of the carbon taxes that you hanged yourselves with.

      Your weather is admittedly a lot nicer but every animal there seems to be deadly.

      I think maybe Norway would be better option after all…

      *) 41 year old prime minister with high school math grades so poor I seriously think he doesn’t know what is the difference between a million and a billion. Our finance minister is a 37-year old socialist educated as an elementary school teacher. Both are bilderbergers. No wonder we get to pay everything in the EU.

      • Don’t worry that government is toast. Elections soon. Everyone is counting the days.

      • Andy OZ says:

        Oh Hannuko, you are correct. Gillard and Swan are deadly animals, but the election will soon despatch them to retirement. And we’ll dump the carbon tax experiment. As to the other animals, well, we like to think we are tough down here. Jump on crocodiles, catch snakes, wrestle deadly spiders, box with kangaroos. But that’s all for show.

        When I was younger I worked for a Norwegian company called Dyno for a decade. All the Norwegians I met then were fantastic people, and I’m sure you still are despite a few current bilderberger and socialist political challenges. You have oil. Bilderbergers love oil, and money and power. Good luck.

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