The Obama Game Plan

  1. Demonize everyone who disagrees with you
  2. Don’t discuss your real intentions during the election campaign
  3. Bypass checks and balances at every opportunity
  4. Build up a huge heavily armed para-military under your control
  5. Disarm the public
  6. Create crisis after crisis – and blame them on somebody else
  7. Make the press fully compliant
  8. Continue to demonize climate skeptics, gun owners, veterans, conservatives, etc. so that the masses will cheer when the atrocities start.

 “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”

– Voltaire

He has been doing this since day one, when he won the Nobel Peace Prize


No, I don’t think you are joking Mr. President. I think you are biding your time and counting the days.

Call up your Congressman, while you still have one.

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5 Responses to The Obama Game Plan

  1. Robertv says:

    Soon it will be game over.The question is for who that will be !

  2. Andy OZ says:

    I would add this to the list.

    1.1 Disappear (and/or kill) anyone who disagrees with or materially disrupts your strategy.

    And if anyone doesn’t believe it happens. QED below.

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