January 31 Shock News : Mississippi River To Dry Up

Two weeks ago National Geographic told us that the Mississippi River was about to dry up.

January 31, 2013

Woe is the Mississippi. A barge carrying light crude hit a bridge near Vicksburg, Mississippi, on Sunday, causing an oil spill.

How Drought on Mississippi River Impacts You

The water depth in Vicksburg was almost 35 feet on January 31.

ScreenHunter_22 Feb. 17 07.56


The entire Mississippi River Valley is expecting heavy rain and snow tomorrow.

ScreenHunter_23 Feb. 17 08.03

Weather Street:Clouds and Precipitation Forecast Movie


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7 Responses to January 31 Shock News : Mississippi River To Dry Up

  1. miked1947 says:

    Cherry Picking again! I see! Just because they report an event at a certain location on a certain day, does not mean you should retrieve information from the same location and same day to disprove them. Someone might accuse you of doing real research! 😉

  2. jimash1 says:

    Global warming created the absolutely normal and regular low water conditions that made a barge hit a bridge.
    How does that happen ?
    Bridges are above the water. obviously if it hit a BRIDGE, then they have overestimated
    the severity of the low water condition and underloaded that barge.
    Somehow, this is my fault for not believing in the “climate change science”.

  3. jimash1 says:

    Not only is this story completely unconnected to any fictitious “climate change” but in an effort to figger out what part of the bridge it hit, ( Still unspecified) I have read a coupe of articles that seem to indicate that the crash was a result of possibly too much, as opposed to too little, water in that precarious river bend.

    “Southbound tows must travel faster than the flow of the water for their rudders to steer effectively. At Vicksburg they must negotiate a 120-degree turn on the meandering Mississippi, then straighten up to pass under the railroad bridge and the Interstate 20 bridge.
    The task is made more difficult by the Yazoo River, which empties into the Mississippi north of the bridges, increasing the speed of the current.”


  4. John Bogen, M.D. says:

    And the water level was just fine on Jan 27th, the date of the oil barge accident, which had nothing to do with the drought.

  5. AndrewS says:

    sorry won’t help remember the land drought is like a dry sponge and will suck up all the water(sarc off)

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