My Experience With Rattlesnakes

ScreenHunter_30 Feb. 17 10.54

Rattlesnakes – taken on a hike near Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have spent most of my life out west, and have encountered rattlesnakes several times. If you leave them and their family alone, they will leave you alone. They are very effective at controlling rats and other vermin.

On the other hand, stirring up trouble with rattlesnakes because you are afraid of them and don’t understand them – is a really stupid idea.

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8 Responses to My Experience With Rattlesnakes

  1. Mike Mangan says:

    Heh. Thank you. I know some of you out there have swallowed the hateful propaganda directed at the Tea Party but don’t you believe it. The Tea Party is a mindset, not a political party. If you like to give the authorities the finger just on general principles, then give your local Tea Partiers a hand once in awhile. Al Gore and the True Believers despise and fear us.

  2. Dave G says:

    couldn’t have said it any better

  3. gator69 says:

    I have flown the Gadsden flag in one form or another since childhood. I have one on my truck, one hanging in my office, and fly one at home. I am the nicest guy you will meet, until you cross me.

    The Tea Party was not originally organized in any way. It was simply a natural reflex that Americans have to tyranny, it’s in our DNA. Our forefathers were not the sit around and be ruled by a king types, those sheep stayed in Europe.

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    I’ll say one thing about the rattle snakes. I go on hikes sometimes up into the pretty high mountains above Pasadena (Mt. Lowe, San Gabriel Peak [6160ft]). Now I start at 1700 ft, so it’s not trivial, just thought I’d add that. I was a bit concerned about Bears, but I think that that is not exactly their spot, but I’m more concerned about Mountain Lions, and I saw their tracks once, and heard noises at night I thought could be the lions. And we ran into a bow hunter a few months ago who gave the impression that in fact the m lions are all over the place. A bit unsettling, but I’m not deterred. The bow hunter also said that the lions kill the rattle snakes. Before that I’d wondered why I’d never seen any rattle snakes on these hikes. Maybe that’s the reason. And thinking about it I’d rather have the rattle snakes be gone than the mountain lions. Though I don’t particularly like either.

  5. kim2ooo says:

    “Will Professor Glantz be writing a paper about these facts? Will he be declaring, in a press release, that both Al Gore and the WWF have “longstanding ties to tobacco companies”?

    Will his university issue a press release that announces, in it’s title, that the WWF’s links to the tobacco industry extend back to the 1960s?

    Finally, will the hired-gun, public relations professionals posing as activists over at DeSmogBlog tweet about how the WWF “was created by Big Tobacco and Billionaires”?

    Will activist Mr Mann?

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