GISS Chief Inspiring Terrorism


DHS ignores this, and instead goes after returning war heroes and people who disagree with the President’s politics.

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3 Responses to GISS Chief Inspiring Terrorism

  1. phodges says:

    Well there is good terrorism and bad terrorism.

    One of my buddies trained guys in Chechnya who 10 years later were shooting at him in afghanistan. He also said that in 2001 he was calling in airstrikes on the same guys he was calling them in for in 1999 😉

    I believe he had left the military in the 90’s and was working for private companies after that.

    Much eco terrorism is actually run the same way, x-military guys hired on to do the dirty work for the xtreme greens, who are hired on by the internationals…one of my friends was almost killed by a couple of these guys when they were trying to sabotage his mine. fortunately they did not succeed in closing the mine or else my friend would have been trapped in the mine.

  2. gator69 says:

    Bin Laden was a community organizer too.

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