Koch Brothers Caused Sandy!

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Twitter / climatebrad: When is David Koch going to …

I thought Obama was in control of the weather.

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6 Responses to Koch Brothers Caused Sandy!

  1. As soon as you stop using fossil fuel derives products and services you fool. 🙂

  2. kirkmyers says:

    I wish AGW alarmists like Johnson would put a sock in it. They’ve embarrassed themselves beyond redemption. But they continue to flog a non-existent bogeyman.

    There is no human-caused global warming, and, contrary to the popular alarmist myth, CO2 (man-made or natural) doesn’t “trap” heat and cause the planet to warm. Fact: CO2 produced from fossil fuel is responsible for a whopping 0.117 percent of the so-called “greenhouse effect,” which, as any scientist worthy of the label knows, has absolutely nothing in common with the heating processes of a greenhouse.

    There is absolutely no empirical evidence to support the theory of human-induced global warming. It’s an hypothesis born of manipulated computer models, not experimentation or observation.

    But I don’t expect an unread ignoramus like Johnson to understand such complexities.

  3. Justa Joe says:

    Koch can pay up as soon as you pay Koch the difference between your current income and that of a typical person of pre-coal days accumulatively for each generation of your family since coal went into wide spread use, and I don’t think that you have that much cash.

    • Justa Joe says:

      This Johnson character must “tweet” by telepathy or 2 cans and a string fossill fuel being such a nemesis amd all.

  4. gator69 says:

    I thought it was Bush’s fault.

  5. Mike Mellor says:

    David Kock is an evil right-winger and you’ll never get a penny out of him. Al Gore on the other hand has just made hundreds of millions out of Big Oil and would be glad to share it with the helpless victims of climate change and Hurricane Sandy.

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