Antarctic Ice To Consume The Planet

The Antarctic sea ice area anomaly has been increasing at a rate of half a million km² per year. If this alarming trend continues, the planet will be completely covered with Antarctic ice in 1,000 years. The Australian coral reefs will freeze to death in less than 300 years.

ScreenHunter_85 Feb. 19 07.23

In related news, the UK’s leading scientist says that global warming will make Antarctica the only inhabitable continent.

ScreenHunter_86 Feb. 19 07.28

Why Antarctica will soon be the <i>only</i> place to live – literally – Environment – The Independent


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5 Responses to Antarctic Ice To Consume The Planet

  1. squid2112 says:

    Well, they may be right. If Antarctica continues to grow as you say, then Antarctica will be the only inhabitable place on the planet, since it will completely consume the planet .. 😉

  2. Billy Liar says:

    I like it!

    Using the same logic that the Greenland icecap will melt away in x,000 years – where ‘x’ is a number I’ve forgotten what the alarmists said.

  3. Andy DC says:

    So you agree that the coral reefs are doomed! Whether by heat, or cold or acid it is still all the fault of evil white males with guns and pickup trucks!

  4. Greg Locke says:

    Here Steve mocks one of the strangest of the alarmist beliefs; a trend line headed in a direction that arguably lends support to alarmist belief will continue to move in its current direction forever!! The natural world contains no cycles, at least when a current trend supports AGW theory. Thus, a current downward trend in arctic ice (take your pick: area, extent or volume) will continue until the ice is gone! Temperatures will rise until the only useful industry will be lead smelting. Sea levels will move upward until loinclothed sailors rule the very wet world! Tipping points are everywhere, overwhelming the “nature” of things.

  5. Yeims says:

    This is a littler confusing — habitable means you can live there, and inhabitable means “hot habitable”.

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