Obama Colorado Lies About To Ramp Up

Colorado is a blue state, and has been for the past few elections. Most of the population is located in the People’s Republic of Denver And Boulder. Almost all of the rest of the state is occupied by sane people, but we are outnumbered in population.

Obama is planning on using Colorado as an example of a western state which supports his coming dictatorship, but the dirty little secret is that Colorado is already occupied territory.

During the debate Friday, Vice President Joe Biden called four Democrats, including two in moderate districts, to solidify support for the measures.

Democratic Rep. Dominick Moreno, who represents a district in suburban Denver, was among the four lawmakers. He said Biden “emphasized the importance of Colorado’s role in shaping national policy around this issue.”

Colorado House approves new gun-control measures despite strong resistance | Fox News

Every single Republican voted against Obama’s bill to turn gun owners into criminals.

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2 Responses to Obama Colorado Lies About To Ramp Up

  1. gator69 says:

    I’m tired of being ruled by the lowest common denominator. In scouts, we used to put the slowest guy in the lead of a hike, so he would not get left behind. It’s a great way to keep a bunch of kids together, but a lousy way to run a country.

  2. zip adee says:

    Only one CO HoR democrat had the nads to “protect and defend” by opposing all four of these bills; Edward Vigil, representing CO district 62 (south-central CO). So shines a good deed in a weary world.

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