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PIOMAS : Arctic Ice Free This Year Or Next

According to the world’s leading ice experts, “ice-free” means the size of Texas and California combined. The PIOMAS model shows that this will happen this year or next. Polar Science Center » Data

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Wisconsin : July, 1901


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Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT:
By Paul Homewood   http://ww2.ohiohistory.org/etcetera/exhibits/swio/pages/albums/1934_heat/1934_heat_albumPage01.html   The heatwaves and droughts that affected large swathes of America in the 1930’s are a historical fact. The hottest year of the decade was…

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Pravda 50% Off Sale

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You Can’t Reason With A Moron

I keep hearing from morons on the left that armed citizens don’t deter crime. They say that the Aurora and Fort Hood shootings both occurred in places where there were lots of guns. I am curious how these people reach … Continue reading

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Kansas Prof Has No Idea What He Is Talking About

Chuck Rice, a professor of soil microbiology and a climate change expert at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, says there is no doubt that droughts are cyclical but temperatures clocked last year in the most recent dry spell have … Continue reading

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An Overview Of Climate Change

During my nearly sixty years on Earth, I have observed that winters are cold and summers are hot. We sometimes get storms and hurricanes and tornadoes and droughts and floods. Predators like James Hansen are attempting to convince children that … Continue reading

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Global Warming To Turn Earth Into A Disabled Cruise Ship

Carnival Cruise ship fiasco: a preview of what awaits us all The fate of the Triumph seemed as eerily prophetic of the 21st century as the Titanic’s did of the 20th. This time we can see what’s coming — not … Continue reading

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Dumb And Dumberer

Reader JohnM says that Arctic winters will become ice-free at -35C. February 19, 2013 at 1:30 pm It is difficult to debate against world class stupidity. Temperatures north of 80N are -35C.   COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice … Continue reading

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Antarctic Ice To Consume The Planet

The Antarctic sea ice area anomaly has been increasing at a rate of half a million km² per year. If this alarming trend continues, the planet will be completely covered with Antarctic ice in 1,000 years. The Australian coral reefs will … Continue reading

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